From Andrew to Isabel's Aunts Mary and Margaret



From Andrew to Isabel's Aunts Mary and Margaret


Letter in which Andrew describes life on the squadron, including the comradeship of his crew and appreciation of Isabel. Includes envelope.




Temporal Coverage



One handwritten three-page letter and envelope


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Postage stamp
Misses M. & M. Lumsden,
316, Kings Park Ave.,
Bankhead, Rutherglen,
[page break]
25, Beaufort Gdns.,
Dear Aunt Mary and
Aunt Margaret,
Isabel has been telling me about the thoughtful and very much appreciated wedding present you have given us and suggested I should drop you note to let you know how the boys in RAF blue are getting on.
Well I’m well and fit and thoroughly enjoying myself I am stationed down in Cambridgeshire near Ely and we can see the famous cathedral very clearly for it stands out as a landmark all around this flat country. I haven’t been
[page break]
there yet but I’ll get around to it sometime.
I am flying I a big 4 – engined plane doing night trips over enemy territory and, though it is hardly what I’d choose for a pastime, I find it exhilarating in a certain measure. I think this is mainly due to the excellent co-operation and infectious high spirits of our crew. There are 7 of us a Welshman, 2 Canadians, 2 Englishman, and 2 Glasgow boys. We all live together in the same billet and eat together and the sense of comradeship is a great help in the air. it doesn’t banish fear but it reduces it to a low minimum.
[page break]
I personally am greatly sustained by the love and kindness I receive from Isabel. I miss her a good deal but she writes me wonderful letters and we are always looking forward to my next leave when we can be together. I am continually grateful for having a wife who is everything I could desire.
I trust everything on the Home Front is under control as far as you are concerned though I’ve no doubt you’ll be as glad as I will to see the end.
Yours sincerely



Andrew Bain, “From Andrew to Isabel's Aunts Mary and Margaret ,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 16, 2024,

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