Cossacks attack Esemon di Sopra



Cossacks attack Esemon di Sopra


Cossack cavalrymen and foot soldiers attack the village of Esemon di Sopra. Three buildings are in flames, amongst them the village school. A woman is kneeling next to a door with a bundle in her arms and her head thrown back, while a soldier is carrying away a small bundle in his arms. Debris is scattered on the ground.

Label reads “180”, signed by the author, caption reads “9 NOVEMBRE 1944. Carnia la cavalleria cosacca si rovescia su ESEMON di SOPRA UD devastando e saccheggiando, tutto quanto appare sulla loro strada. Da’ un articolo del giornale “Liberta’” di Flora Buccioli, quando per la primo volta dopo quel 12 Ottobre scesi dal paesino scosceso per ritornare; mi fermai a Esemon di Sopra, davanti alla case arse, alla scuola con i muri neri e crollati, i letti, i mobili giacevano ancora in fondo, giu’ contorti. Mi volsi presso il muro corroso della scuola, era rimasto illeso un rosario, e nell’aria fredda dell’inversno una rosa, l’ultima piccola, pallida, parlava fra’ le rovine di un miglior futuro.”

Caption translates as: “9 November 1944. Carnia, the Cossack cavalry storms Esemon di Sopra (Udine province), destroying and sacking everything on their path. Flora Buccioli wrote a journal article on the newspaper ‘Libertà’: “When, for the first time after that 12 October, I climbed down from the village on the hills, I stopped at Esemon di Sopra, facing the burnt houses. The blackened walls of the village school were in ruins. The beds and the furniture were laying in the background, mangled. I turned to the corroded wall of the school; only a rose garden had survived and, in the cold winter breeze, one last rose – small and pale – spoke amongst the ruins of a better future.”

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