Massacre in the Carnia region



Massacre in the Carnia region


In a mountain landscape, three Cossacks open fine on a group of civilians, some of whom are falling to the ground. A woman moves in front of her her husband, trying in to protect him from the bullets. In the background, a church with a bell tower is visible.

Label reads “178”, signed by the author, caption reads “CARNIA 2 Novembre 1944. Nuove ondate di russi si rovesciano su Muina Cella ed Agrons, salgono fino a Luint ed Ovasta lasciando dietro di se’ una scia dolorosa di saccheggi, di rovine di lutti. Altri 9 uomini e una donna slanciatasi in difesa del marito restavano uccisi sul colpo."

Caption translates as: “Carnia, 2 November 1944. Further waves of Russians storm Muina Cella and Agrons. They climbed to Luint and Ovasta, leaving behind them a painful trail of pillaging, ruins, and mourning. Other nine men and one woman – who rushed to protect her husband - were killed on the spot.”

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One tempera on paper, pasted on mount board


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