To Jessie from Harry Redgrave



To Jessie from Harry Redgrave


A letter from Harry Redgrave to his wife Jessie from RAF Bexhill. He writes about training, Christmas leave and that they will be sent to the Isle of Man in January.




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Room 124
No 4 I.T.W. R.A.F
Bexhill on Sea
Fri Dec. 8.

Dear Jessie,
I had quite a fan mail this morning. One from you and Mum and one Milly. You want to know what the R.A.F. inscription means. I believe I’ve told you before it means “To the Stars through Adversity” and is very apt. We are certainly meeting adversity at Bexhill. Thank Mum for her interesting letter and from what she says you are getting more than your share of excitement. Milly says she will try and see us after Xmas. Will you ask Mum to write to her and ask her to come before the holiday as our leave is only from the 21st to the 27th. That means the day after Boxing Day getting up at 6A.M. to go back. We have been told that in the second week in January we shall be going to the Isle of Man and so we must make the

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[sic] of my Xmas leave. Its [sic] quite possible that once in the Isle of Man I shouldn’t see you for about three months so do you think it worth while [sic] getting a long week end [sic] next week in view of the fact that it will cost 12/6 to get home and the same again on the following Thursday. I shan’t have much money over the holiday but think it worth being hard up to see you. If you feel you would like me to have the week end [sic] let me know [underlined] by return. [/underlined]

We have just been issued with all our flying kit two flying suits helmet goggles three pairs of gloves and a pair of fur lined top boots valued in all at £15. I fail to see how we shall take all our stuff away in one kitbag but still plenty of time to worry about that.

Went to the cinema last night and saw Union Pacific and enjoyed it. Well I want to catch the post so goodnight my love.

From your loving
Harry xxxx


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