To Jessie from Harry Redgrave



To Jessie from Harry Redgrave


A letter from Harry Redgrave to his wife Jessie from RAF Warmwell. He discusses their family and money matters and then describes a typical day's training.




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Hut D1
R.A.F. Station
Nr. Dorchester
Wed 5 June

Dear Jessie,
Thank you so much for your long letter of today and I am ever so glad to find expressed a much happier tone and to hear you are comfortably settled. As you will have heard by now there is no place near hear [sic] you can stop at and you had better find out if you can stay with Nellie and Harold for some time. I hope you can as I think you would be happy with folks you know and who love us all
You say Mum may be going down to Uncle Ernie and later to Joyce so it appears that she is settled for some weeks and as it will be company for Joyce who will be living on her own its not so bad for either of them. I was terribly sorry to hear of Millies [sic] loss and hope she will be philosophic about it and hope for better luck another time. Has she any plans after leaving Tilbury? If not will she be able to live you [sic] and the folks at Teddington. Maybe she will be able to go with you when you move.
It seems the corporation are doing us well over the electricity account but I think the water company have a cheek wanting half rates while nothing is being used.

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Have you payed [sic] the A.R. anything for this month and if not how are you fixed for cash.
So much for questions and answers perhaps you would like to know how we spend our days here. Up at quarter six and P.T. at quarter to seven till quarters past. P.T. this morning consisted of a cross country run and back for breakfast and on parade at ten past eight. Lectures start at eight fifteen with half an hours [sic] drill at quarter to ten and a break until half past then another two hours lectures until twelve thirty. Just one hour for dinner and back at half past one for three hours [corrected] continuous [/corrected] lectures and one hour for tea. At half past five we are back again to do one hours buzzing. We are simply rushed through and yesterday had to learn all the parts and the action of a Vickers Gas Operated Gun and today a Lewis. Tomorrow we go down to the range for ground machine gun work which should be more interesting I think and we start flying next week. For gunnery we are using some power operated turrets. Quite a busy day don’t you think.
Write and answer all my questions and I shall know how to go on.

Give my love to all and kisses for you and Pamela.
Your loving husband
Harry xxxx


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