To Jessie from Harry Redgrave



To Jessie from Harry Redgrave


A letter and envelope from Harry Redgrave to his wife Jessie. Harry is studying hard for his exams and putting in flying hours in Fokkers. He replies positively to Jessie's mention of starting to 'Dig for Victory' by growing vegetables and suggests that since the air raid shelter is buried in the garden, she should sow grass seed over it.



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Two handwritten sheets and an envelope




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Mrs. H.C. Redgrave
Oaken Grange Dr.

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My dear Jessie

Hello darling wondering whether I have forgotten you. Only one letter so far this week but I think you understand and I will try and write more during the weekend.

Its [sic] been a terrible week swotting every night and I have not been out since Sunday and I'm just about fed up with it all. You know you keep reading your notes but it does not seem to make any difference theres [sic] always a lot more you should know. This afternoon we had the plotting paper of our exam and I think I did a fair job. At least I [deleted] do [/deleted] did not make the mistake of last time. Im [sic] [smudged] not [/smudged] too happy about it but hope to get pass marks.

Spent all day yesterday in the Fokkers [sic] putting hours in but not doing much. It was very bumpy but I felt O.K. and made a good job of my log. One of the Ansons got in an air pocket or something and just dropped for about 50’ and the observer sitting in his seat remained sitting when the plane fell and the roof of the Anson hit him on the head and gave him a terrible gash.

Tomorrow morning we have a three hour paper on the other subjects and then we are clear for three weeks.

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I shall take it easy next week and on Monday I am going to Ayr to see the Wembley Lions meet the local team at ice hockey. Doing well to get free theatre shows aren't you. [sic] Be careful you don’t lose the last bus next time it would need an escort for you then to see you home. I have not seen much of Dick and Alf yet because they are in another course and they have their dinner in digs but I may meet them this week end.

So you have started to “Dig for Victory” well make a good job of it and you will be able give [sic] me some fresh veg when I get home. If I were you and the air raid shelter is covered with earth I would get some grass seed and try and get a bit of lawn over it.
I am enclosing a P.O. for £1 being 7/3 for the Abbey Road and 12/- for this weeks [sic] allowance. We have been paid for this week separate so that the next payment will come in a fortnights [sic] time.

Providing I pass this weeks [sic] exam I shall make some arrangements about you coming up here for a few days but will write you more later. Time I got on with my work so good night love tell Pam Daddy sends his love.

Alway [sic] your loving
Harry xxxx


Harry Redgrave, “To Jessie from Harry Redgrave,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed August 11, 2020,

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