To Jessie from Harry Redgrave



To Jessie from Harry Redgrave


Letter and envelope from Harry Redgrave to his wife Jessie giving her travel instructions for her visit to Bexhill.




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Two handwritten sheets and an envelope


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9 PM
8 JAN 1940

[postage stamp]

Mrs. H. R. Redgrave [inserted] 43 [/inserted]
Oaken Grange Drive
Southend on Sea

[RAF Crest]

Room 124
No. 4. T.T.W
Bexhill on Sea

My dearest Jessie,

I still have nothing official to tell you although everyone thinks we are going next Saturday so I am going out soon to fix up for you to stay here from midday Thursday. until Saturday. Before I finish this letter I will give you the address where to go and how we shall meet. Franklin and the other Southend boys are not going but Dick is writing for his wife to come down and you are meet at Southend Station to catch the 7.48 A.M. To do that you must catch the National bus at the Bell at 7.30. and hurry down the High Street and don’t [sic] forget you have to go on the other side of the railway bridge. From Fenchurch St. you go to Mark have and get a 3rd to Victoria. You come out practically on the station and you must get on the 9.45 from platform 13 which will take you Bexhill Central direct. As you get in about 11.30 I shall not be able to meet you until evening. The return ticket from Southend will be about 16/3 so you buy that I will meet expenses down here.

[page break]

Well Dear I have just come back from the Boarding House and everything is O.K. Enclosed is a card giving you the [deleted] d [/deleted] address and to get there you come out of the station and turn right and go down the first turning on right which takes you down alongside the railway until you get to the Post Office and then you turn left down Devonshire Road cross on to the Right hand side and go down until you get to Boots which is on the corner of Parkhurst Rd. I think its best if you wait until I call you for you after tea that is about 5.15. During the afternoon you could stroll out but dont [sic] stand about watching the airmen drill or you might cause some excitement. As far as I know Dick’s wife will be coming and you are to meet at the barrier of Southend Station in time to catch the 7.48 but if she is not there do not wait in case anything has prevented her coming which I could tell you in time.

I shall be very sorry to miss Pams birthday and would have loved to have seen her but things have tightened up here so much that to have chanced coming home without a pass would have been asking for trouble. Tell Mum Joyce and Gwen I shall be sorry not to have seen them but they will understand. This is a war and personal feelings do not count for much with the powers that be. Give my love to them all.

Your loving Husband
Harry. xxxxxx



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