To Jessie from Harry Redgrave



To Jessie from Harry Redgrave


Letter and envelope from Harry Redgrave to his wife Jessie. Harry has passed his Maths exam and is on the list to be sent to Prestwick (after an initial confusion).




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Two handwritten sheets and an envelope


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9 PM
4 JAN 1940

[postage stamp]

Mrs H.C. Redgrave [inserted] 43 [/inserted]
Oaken Grange Drive

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Reverse of envelope

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Room 124
No. 4 I.T.U.
Bexhill on Sea

[RAF Crest]

Dear Jessie

Just read your letter of Tuesday and hope its [sic] now a bit warmer. All the snow has cleared away here but there is a bit warmed. All the snow has cleared away here but there is a biting East Wind in fact yesterday was the coldest I have ever been. We were doing P.T. [physical training] and the cold wind simply cut through us and my knees were blue. Hope Pams cold has not developed and that you are feeling better your-self. Was happy to hear that Mrs Franklin came round. Its [sic] nice to feel you are getting together both in similar circumstances. I have passed in the Maths exam we had and am on the list for posting to Prestwick. I still cant [sic] tell you definitely the date we are going and you must be prepared to come down here if it can be done. The reason I am in doubt about going is that when the names were called out for Prestwick I was not included, so I mentioned it to our Corporal who said I was going. Last night I went and saw Mr Yeats our W.O. [Warrant Officer]and asked him about it. He asked my name and when I told him

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[RAF Crest]

he said “You failed your exam” to which I explained that it was the other Redgrave so he checked up and found that was so. He then said he would tell me later as the draft had been made out for Prestwick. If you do have to come down here I may be able to arrange for Dicks wife to come with you then you would have something to do all day. Well I think thats [sic] all for now and will write again on Saturday. Give my love to all

Always your loving
Harry. xxxx

P.S. Am going to see “Man in the Iron Mask” tonight. Last Night there was a Wing Dance which I
went to.


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