Loose minute from Group Captain C.V.D. Willis



Loose minute from Group Captain C.V.D. Willis


Requesting views on possible armistice celebrations. Need to cater for 253 officers, 500 N.C.O. and 1382 other ranks. Makes a number of proposals including church service, all ranks dances, sport, open air festival, community singing, interchange visits between messes and liberty coaches to Norwich.




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[underlined] LOOSE MINUTE. [/underlined]
To:- Stn. Admin. Officer
Officer Commanding, No.192 Squadron [tick]
Officer Commanding, No 462 Squadron
F/O Wilkinson
P.M.C. Officers' Mess
C.M.C. Sergeants' Mess
Chief Technical Officer
1. I intend drawing up some sort of programme for armistice celebrations on the camp and I would like your views on the subject and any suggestions you have to offer. Although a few people may celebrate the armistice away from the camp the great majority of personnel will still be here so that all our arrangements should cater for the full complement of personnel, which is in the neighbourhood of 253 officers, 500 N.C.O.s and 1,382 other ranks.
2. As you can see from these numbers, any organised festivities are going to be difficult to arrange and will probably mean that two or three items will have to take place at the same time.
3. I have in mind the following proposals :-
(i) 100% church thanksgiving service, either open air or in the hangars
(ii) two all ranks dances at the same time
(iii) programme of sport
(iv) some sort of open air festival – outdoor dancing, if weather permits
(v) community singing
(vi) interchange of visits between the sergeants' and officers' in their respective messes
(vii) as many liberty coaches to Norwich as possible.
/4. would you
[page break]
[date stamp]
4. Would you please think about this scheme, and in the next two or three days I will call a small meeting at which we can draw up our final plan.
V Willis
Group Captain.
[underlined[ 21st March 1945 [/underlined] [underlined] R.A.F. Station. FOULSHAM. [/underlined]



C D V Willis, “Loose minute from Group Captain C.V.D. Willis,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed August 15, 2022, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/15043.

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