To Janette and Jem



To Janette and Jem


Letter concerning lots of different family matters, signed from 'the Auld Yin'.


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E[Author]BlandfordJ-J20130704 First page of a handwritten letter from unknown author, to Janette and Jim (surname not stated) mentioning domestic matters. 7 Chapel Street Selkirk T.DY. 4 L.B Thursdy [sic] @3.15) 23 [inserted]rd [/inserted] March My [underlined] Dear Janette & Jim [/underlined] Just a wee note as I am going away to let the Boys in one [sic] Christopher is playing Hockey & Greg is training for the Rugby so they will both need Baths as its [sic] very wet @ the moment, Greg is chosen for the Seven's Sports so I am fair pleased for him, had Emma. [sic] Greg @ Lunch Time what a pair of Heller's but they keep me going they are all very sporty, now here is the other bit of information I came on about. Rob I can remember Mum getting that from Nan [?] terrible got a Photo Copy for the Boys as well, will speak to you Janette on the Phone later but I wanted this posted [page break] Second page of a handwritten letter from unknown author. Tell them all I am asking for them, and of Course Lots of Love to Jim & You Janette From the Auld Yin xxxxx



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