Stott, Robert


Stott, Robert
Stott, R


13 items. The collection concerns Pilot Officer Robert Stott (162588) DFM and contains photographs, letters and correspondence relating to his award of the Distinguished Flying Medal and his subsequent death in action on 26/27 November 1943. He flew operatoins as an air gunner with 101 Squadron from RAF Ludford Magna.
The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Jim Yule and catalogued by Trevor Hardcastle.
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Collection Items

Three letters from Robert Stott's wife
Letters from Agnes Stott to a fellow crew member's father, comments on confusion about regular crew member who did not fly with them on their last operation and telling him that she had received formal notice that Robert had died.

Letters between Robert Stott's wife, Agnes and Mr Blandford
Five letters from Agnes Stott to Mr Blandford, a fellow crew member's father, and one to Mr Blandford from a fellow crew member (Pilot Officer G G Whittle) who did not fly with them on their last operation.

Letter from Robert Stott's wife, Agnes to Mr Blandford
Letter to Pilot Officer Blandford's father, thanking him for his letter, celebrating the fact that his son had survived and sharing the news that Robert and other crew members had died.

Letter from Stan Mayer's father to Mr Blandford
Letter to a fellow crew member's father commenting on the lack of information and promising to share any new information.

To Janette and Jem
Letter concerning lots of different family matters, signed from 'the Auld Yin'.

Lady on hand cart
Smiling lady seated on a hand cart, pulled by two men in dust coats, group of ladies in white coats standing behind her. Parked cars in background.

Robert Stott and his medals
Two photographs of Robert Stott, one portrait, seated, upper torso in civilian clothes, second in uniform with sergeant's stripes, seated on a small box leaning against house wall, small child on his knee. The third is of Robert's medals and…

Stan Mayer, CGM
Head and shoulders portrait, half wing brevet. Stan Mayer was the flight engineer in Robert Stott's crew. On the reverse: 'Stan Mayer Eng C G M'.

Bravery awards to Robert Stott's crew
Newspaper cuttings reporting the award of two Conspicuous Gallantry Medals, a Distinguished Flying Cross and four Distinguished Flying Medals to the crew that Robert Stott belonged to. Awarded for bringing a badly damaged Lancaster and seriously…

Memorial to Robert Stott and his crew
Photograph of natural stone memorial with French inscription, recording what happened to the crew of DV 285. Memorial was dedicated 25 June 1994. On the reverse 'Memorial to crew of DV 285 Lancaster, (Aywaille, Belgium)'.

Robert Stott with his crew
Eight aircrew standing in a row. On the reverse 'Left to right, G. Whittle - DFM Nav, R Hebditch - DFM W Op, R Stott - DFM M.U.G., B Walker -CGM Capt, S Mayer - CGM Eng, J Robertson S.O., A Gadd - DFC B/A, K Hicklin - DFM A/G'. 'Ludford Magna Sept…

Robert Stott
Head and shoulders portrait, sergeant stripes and half wing brevet. Distinguished Flying Medal ribbon attached to photograph. On the reverse 'Pilot Officer Robert Stott RAF 162588, K.I.A. Aywaille Belgium 27 Nov 1943, 101 Sqdn Lancaster DV 285, SRQ'.…

Robert Stott casualty letter
Casualty confirmation letter to Robert Stott's wife, confirming his death and giving the place of burial.
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