Letter to David Donaldson from J F Mazdon



Letter to David Donaldson from J F Mazdon


From Squadron Leader 'Jimmie' Maqzdon at RAF Halton Hospital relating history of his medical problems. Catches up with family news.




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Three page handwritten letter


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Tuesday. March. 13.-.51
Dear Don.
I am so very sorry I have not written before, I have been full of good intentions but somehow I just haven't got down to it.
Yes the rumours were quite correct, I have been in dock and in fact I am still there.
Briefly, I was “X” rayed in January 1949 [?] and they reported a slight mottling at the apex of the right lung, the RAF put me in Ely Hospital for ten days during which period they did numerous tests and then said there was nothing wrong with me. I then went to C.M.E. and they arranged for me to have a check up every three months for a year.
I had three check ups which were all O.K. But on the fourth and final check up they asked me to come in here for further tests. So in I came in January 1950 and I am still here.
They said they were of the opinion that I had a slight T.B. infection
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of the right lung. They applied certain treatment which resulted in fluid forming in the chest and I have now had 34 minor operations in an attempt to remove and stop the fluid forming, all without success.
Last Thursday I had a long chat with a Group Capt. Rumbold, who is an [word indecipherab le] physician to the King, and he is arranging for me to be transferred to the King Edward VII Sanatorium, Midhurst, Near Haselmere, Surrey, in order that I may be placed in the care of the leading chest physician and surgeon in Europe. So in about 6 [?] weeks time off I go to Midhurst and I sincerely hope that they will stop the fluid and that I will soon be out and about again and that I can start again where I left off.
It is all so annoying especially when I remember that I was as fit as the proverbial fiddle when I came in here Such is life!!
No doubt you have heard from Peter Rimshaw about the Squadron Reunion, are you going?
I sure wish I could be there, they
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were very happy days, and, although I can't be there in person I'll certainly be there in spirit.
Bobbie still enjoys very good health but naturally is fed up with my being here, when I do get out we will start all over again.
How are things with you, well I hope. How do you stand as regards the reserve will you be called for training.
If here is another show down, wouldn't it be grand if all the 192 types could get together again.
How are the children, its such a long time since I last saw them, but when I get out of here I would very much like to rectify the omission, if I may.
Well Don. I'll make this all for now and will certainly try to write more often. Bobbie joins me in sending our very sincere & best wishes to you both

Yours most sincerely
[underlined] Jimmie [/underlined]




J F Mazdon, “Letter to David Donaldson from J F Mazdon,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed May 27, 2022, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/15032.

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