Letter to David Donaldson from his brother Ian



Letter to David Donaldson from his brother Ian


Written while at home, catches up with family news.




Two page handwritten letter


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Brambridge Park

Dear Willy

As you have probably heard I am still sitting on my bottom [deleted] he [/deleted] at home, a state of affairs which I hope will continue for a long time. I went over and saw your wife & daughter on Thursday. They both entertained me very industriously & I enjoyed myself, though I failed to count to more than six teeth & I can claim to be very practical in tooth hunting these days as Pa did his usual trick of depositing his on the towing path just before August Bank holiday & we have been searching spasmodically since. [deleted word]

Norman & Elizabeth have both been over, the latter seeming very well & busy house hunting like you without any real success as yet. I gather Brian isn’t definitely posted to Farnborough as yet, only attached, but I suppose he will be shortly. Norman was very full of the joys of being an officer & a gentleman, the newness of the contrast not having yet worn off. He hadn’t got his uniform when he came over. He said when he left Medmenham [deleted word] all the S.P at the gate laughed at him, but promised they would

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be good & salute him when he returned.

Apparently he very shortly has to learn to ride a motor bike, there doesn’t seem to be much instruction given so I only hope there won’t be another casualty in the Intelligence Corps

Ma & Pa are both pretty well having had a weeks holiday here. Emma unfortunately went on Thursday & now Mrs Fudge is back very eager to find any fault she can with what Emma did there seeming to be a certain rivalry between the two. Ma with my assistance & criticisms has just produced a fine mixed grill.

I have been trying to make a will so you will have to be an executor I hope you don’t mind.

I hope you are well & your house hunting has been successful; [deleted] you [/deleted] I couldn’t quite gather what the position is at the moment.

Love from Ma Pa & Self




Ian Donaldson, “Letter to David Donaldson from his brother Ian,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed December 10, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/14918.

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