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Written from 27 Squadron India. Writes of life in India, that he has had many letters from various people. Mention lack of social life and catches up with family news.

Tells of arrival in Ontario. Describes train journey through Canada and mentions new station and Group Captain. Describes local area and current activities. Mentions future long weekends and possibilities to travel. David's brother Ian who was…


Thanks for letter and discusses battledress. mentions future move to Blackpool and current activities including sport. Ian is avoiding lectures by playing sport. He describes punting on the Nidd. He is due to depart shortly for Blackpool.


From David's brother thanking him for birthday telegram and relating current activities. Catches up with family news. Tells an amusing story about two Women's Auxiliary Air Force members.

From RAF SEAAF. Offers congratulations and mentions David's future is secure. Writes of his activities and catches up with family news.

Christmas card with seasons greetings and writes of life in India including sports and drill. Catches up with family news.

Written while at home, catches up with family news.

Catches up with family news and writes about current location. Mentioned he pinched some of David's kit and that he is waiting for promotion to come through. Catches up with acquaintances.

Thanks David for telegram at Christmas. Writes of recent activities.
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