Dunkirk Docks



Dunkirk Docks
France Dunkirk Docks


Across the centre four wide moles numbered 1 to 4 from right to left. Each mole has entry roads and numerous building. Many of the buildings appear to have damaged roofs. Mole 1 is only partly visible. Mole two has two large buildings on the right side and damaged buildings in the centre. Mole 3 has damage buildings and a large square structure at the far end. Mole 4 has building with roofs damaged on left side. All moles have snow covering. Above the moles more land with dock facilities with a chimney at the left end aligned with mole 4, and beyond a further waterway and a sea wall with open sea on the far side at the top. Running along the bottom of the moles is land with railway tracks. At the bottom of mole 1 is a building alongside the tracks with a chimney. Underneath the railways is another waterway running left to right with a spur running of from a junction just underneath the left side of mole 2. Captioned 'France Dunkirk Docks'




One b/w photograph mounted on an album page.

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