Bombing of San Giorgio di Nogaro



Bombing of San Giorgio di Nogaro


A group of civilians takes shelter in a ditch at night. In the middle distance, a bare landscape with sparse trees is illuminated by bursts of anti-aircraft fire and flares.

Label reads “93”; signed by the author; caption reads “9 Gennaio 1944. S. Giorgio di Nogaro, il mio primo disegno dal vero, il primo bombardamento degli Anglo-Americani con il lancio di “bengala” ad ovest del Friuli. E stata un’esperienza traumatizzante, era notte, fuggii con tutta la mia famiglia oltre i fiumi, ci seguì perfino un superbo gatto che in casa faceva da sopramobile permanente sopra la radio”.

Caption translates as: “9 January 1944. S. Giorgio di Nogaro, my first true-to-life artwork, the first Anglo-American bombing using flares in western Friuli. A most shocking experience, it was night-time, I ran away with my whole family, crossing the rivers. Even a splendid cat followed us: always ensconced on top of the radio as a permanent ornament.”

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One tempera on paper, pasted on mount board


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