They were a fine body of men



They were a fine body of men


Photograph shows a group of home guard men on parade on a road in front of several stone buildings. At the front are two officers behind are three rows of men in uniform with side caps. Three men stand in front of the first row, the two outside men of this group have rifles sloped over left shoulder. The front right hand man has a arrow drawn on with caption 'Bobs Dad'. Article underneath explains that photograph was taken in Welton around the end of the war and was lent to the author by Mrs Aderyn Walker who's father is also in the picture.




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They were a fine body of men

On parade in Welton at around the end of the Second World War.

This picture, lent to me by Mrs Aderyn Walker of Ryland Road, Welton, shows members of the village Home Guard lined up in Lincoln Road, facing the church.

Aderyn’s father, Cpl Richard Glew, is on the picture.


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