Carter, Robert Haywood


Carter, Robert Haywood
Bob Carter
Robert Carter
Robert Haywood Carter
Robert H Carter
R H Carter
R Carter


16 items. The collection contains an oral interview covering childhood and wartime experiences of Robert Haywood "Bob" Carter who was a farm labourer and auxiliary fireman during the war living close to RAF Dunholme Lodge. Documents including identity cards and clothing ration books for Robert Carter and Eva A Haire as well as a victory message from the King and prisoner of war camp money vouchers; newspaper article about an airman reunited with his wife after being a prisoner of war, Photographs of home guard and auxiliary fire service personnel in Welton and Dunholme.

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Carter, RH

Collection Items

Home Guard on parade
Group of home guardsmen on parade in three ranks. In front are two officers with peaked caps and one with greatcoat. Guard of honour of three men, two flankers with shouldered rifles stand in front of front rank. Bob Carter's father is right hand man…

17 auxiliary firemen with fire pump
17 auxiliary firemen standing in a group behind and to the sides of a fire pump which has large bore hoses on the front and coiled hoses on the rear. All firemen are in uniform tunic with belts and peaked hats. In the background a brick wall. Pump is…

20 auxiliary firemen
Group portrait of 20 auxiliary firemen in three rows all in uniform with peaked hats. Front row of eight are sitting on chairs, second row of seven standing and back row of five standing on hidden support. Bob Carter is left hand man in back row. In…

They were a fine body of men
Photograph shows a group of home guard men on parade on a road in front of several stone buildings. At the front are two officers behind are three rows of men in uniform with side caps. Three men stand in front of the first row, the two outside men…

Domino tiles in a red canvas case with cover.

Escape to happiness for Frank and Kathleen.
Flight Sergeant Frank Waters is reunited with his wife Kathleen at a secret location on 21 March 1945 after he had been released from prisoner of war camp by advancing Russian forces. Recently married, Kathleen Waters had been lodging with the Carter…

Prisoner of war money vouchers
Two money vouchers for use in prisoner of war camps only. One value three pence with a Jan 1944 date stamp on reverse and one for one shilling with various 1943 stamps on reverse.

Victory message from the King to all schoolchildren
Notes that children had shared hardship and should be proud of their effort. Signed 'George RI'. On the reverse 'Important War dates' with table of dates fro 1939-1945.

Eva A Haire's national registration identity card
Made out for Eva A Haire with address and date stamp 12 October 1948.

E E Haire's clothing book
Clothing ration book 1945-46 Junior CB 4/8 made out to Haire E E with coupons inside.

E E Haire's clothing book
Clothing ration book 1947-48 Junior CB 4/10 made out to Haire E E with coupons inside.

E A Haire's clothing book
Clothing ration book 1945-46 Junior CB 4/8 made out to Haire E A with coupons inside.

J B Haire's clothing book
Clothing ration book 1947-48 General CB1/10 made out to Haire J B with coupons inside.

E A Haire's clothing book
Clothing ration book 1947-48 junior CB 4/10 made out to Haire E A with ration coupons inside.

R Carter's national registration identity card
Made out for R Carter with address and date stamps 25 April 1951 and 3 September 1951.

Rob Carter was born in the village of Scampton and reminisces about his life on the land before the war. He recounts the foundation of RAF Dunholme Lodge, which his house overlooked. During the war, he served in the Auxiliary Fire Service. He was…
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