Letter from Ian Wynn to his wife



Letter from Ian Wynn to his wife


Thanks her for parcel and states he has received first pay. Asks after his son and goes on to describe training and food. Discusses financial affairs and mentions other nationalities that are training.




Temporal Coverage



Four page handwritten letter


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Many thanks for your parcel received today. You should not worry if you can’t get Cigs I can always manage. Anyway I received [underlined] my [/underlined] first pay today 10/=. I was just on to my last 1/-. Still you see the First week and has to buy all sorts of things Pastes Brushes & cleaning tackle. Ink etc [sic] & etc [sic] again.
Furthermore while one is in disciplinary training there is no time for smoking etc [sic].
I hope David has got over his cold & is much better by now, because I dont [sic] like him having so many colds. I miss you all you know more than I thought I would.
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[underlined] 2 [/underlined]
The food here is still good & I suppose ample but we all feel that we are starved. It is the [corrected] exercise [/corrected] & fresh air I suppose. This morning we had a three mile run then doubled to the Parade ground & did P T exercises I was pretty surprised to see that I was so fit apart from a little stiffness in the groin I dont [sic] feel any the worse for it although some of the chaps were hard put to.
Keep Carters letter and I will enquire whether they can charge anything extra for that war risk in summer. I dont [sic] think they can do.
I have applied for Civil liability to cover 15/- Rent & 2/1 Insurance & £1-1-9 Quarter for the Vacuum
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[underlined] 3 [/underlined]
So if you get any Enquiries you will know what to say. I do not expect you will though.
There are all nationalities her now Jamaicans Poles Free French Checks [Czechs] U.S.A. New Zealand Bahamas & there is now in our room a Chap from Chile named Ian Scott. A very nice chap indeed.
Anyway I have heard that only 40% get through the training satisfactorily so that is some consolation
Well if you can write to me so that it arrives [underlined] not later [/underlined] than [underlined] FRIDAY [/underlined] next do so on that day I shall know whether or not I am being moved after that it will be a week to week existence here waiting to be posted
Love to all & Thank David for his letter Tell him to hurry up and get better & here are some
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kisses & hugs for you all
XXX [deleted] o [/deleted] XXXX
O = Hug.
Love Ian.
P.S. How is the Shelter procceeding [sic].
I x



Ian Archer Wynn, “Letter from Ian Wynn to his wife,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed February 23, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/11661.

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