Letter to Kathleen Wynn from Rex and Rose Anley



Letter to Kathleen Wynn from Rex and Rose Anley


Thanks her for letter and states that Rose has contacted Red Cross office who have had no news. Writes about state of Chelmsford and catches up with family news. Mentions lack of sleep due to generally getting two sirens a night.





Three page handwritten letter


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Roxwell Avenue
Wednesday 2.6.
Dear Kath,
Thanks for your PC and the letter received this morning also the Registered letter arrived with the contents intact as a matter of fact if it had been delivered three times while we were out. Rose took up with the Red Cross Head office about Ian as soon as your wire came and they have replied that so far they have no news but will write as soon as they find out anything. The suspense is awful but I feel that he is safe and for the moment that thought gives a lot of comfort in spite of the
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Fact that the sight of Chelmsford at the moment is very depressing but the debris is gradually being cleared away and then its [sic] not too bad. We had a letter from Aunt Jessie, she had been down to see Grandad and whilst there saw Mrs Ross. I often think about Grandads bottle of port – it was fun, anyhow Rose makes him a cake fairly frequently and I posted one yesterday which seems to please the old boy although as you know he doesn’t go short of much. I think Rose would soon get better if we could get a few good night’s sleep but we generally get 2 sirens per night mixed with a fair amount of gunfire, however if I can get straight we might have a day or
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two out of Chelmsford at the beginning of next month. Really I should like to go to Wyrley but that’s no use until I can get Mr Griffin to settle up. By the way I can’t get Mrs Bowen to finish paying the money she owes but I don’t want to worry you with this.
Hope the “kids” are keeping fit and well, you may guess we should like to see them, they will have grown out of everything by now. How are your Mother & Father, Kath? Give them our kind regards please.
I think this will be all for now except first to hope again that all is well
Love to all
Rex & Rose



R and R Anley, “Letter to Kathleen Wynn from Rex and Rose Anley,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed November 29, 2021, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/11499.

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