Letter to Douglas Hudson in Le Kef



Letter to Douglas Hudson in Le Kef


Letter from French girl to Douglas Hudson while he was interned in Le Kef. Thanks him for his letter and hopes war will be over in 1941 and he can return to England. She writes she will keep the button he gave her and asks if he will send her his RAF wings. States that she would be unhappy to send a photograph of her but asks for one of him. Concludes that she will understand if he cannot write often but she would continue to correspond.



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Three page handwritten letter and envelope

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Tunis le 2/1/40.
My dear friend,
I would receive your news. You are very. kind not to have forgotten me. I had thought that it would have been only an interview and no more. I thank you for all you wishes, you sent me. I also send you my wishes for the new year.
I hope that the year 1941 will bring the end of the war, and will permit you to go back to England, to find again you family and all the people you love; I hope also that all you wishes will be realized.
I hope that the Christmas night has not been to much desagreable. [sic] and that you could have receive news from you parents.
[page break]
I keep allways with hearty care the buton you gave me, and I can assure you that I shall not loose it. It has for me much more value that you give to it.
Do you not forget when it will be possible for you, to send me your wings of the R.A.F.
I would be so happy.
You ask me a photo. It is desagreable for me to send you it now. You understand, that I would prefer to wait that you are in England, if you will think still to me.
You can in the meantime send me one of you photos, with great pleasure I would receive it.
the days might seem to be long for you, I hope that my thought (I think often to you) will render those days not to much
[page break]
I will not be angry if you do not write me often. I understand quite well.
I am late to reply you, please excuse me, but I will write you more in the future.
With much kindness
J’espere que vous me comprenez.
J’ecris bien mal.
[page break]
Sergent-Chef Hudson.
(J. Douglas)
Camp de séjour surveillé
[underlined] Le Kef
Tunisie [/underlined]
[page break]
[postage mark]
[stamp] VA 27



“Letter to Douglas Hudson in Le Kef,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed December 9, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/11002.

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