Letter to Douglas Hudson in Le Kef



Letter to Douglas Hudson in Le Kef


Letter from French girl to Douglas Hudson while he was interned in Le Kef. Pleased that he has received news from England. Writes about weather and her ability with English language. Hopes he will be home soon and will keep gift he gave her. Writes of restrictions and effects and that he will continue to think of her. Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.



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Three page handwritten letter and envelope

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Tunis le 18 Jeune 1941
Au xx
I am late to reply to you letter, in [indecipherable word] not to change. I am lucky to know that you are satisfied. the last news, which you received from england have surely bought to you all the satisfaction you were waiting. I hope for you that you will receive much news very often. You must learn to be patient and to wait. You okay at le Kef is not so desagreable. You told me that you have passed good evenings there.
The tempertature must be cold enough there but you must have the habit of it. You have surely seen the snow, here we
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never have seen it. the temperature is a little bit better here now happily for me, as I don’t like the winter. Do you take walks?
You will have soon the pleasure to appreciate our nice sun.
I thank you for the compliments you give me. But I know surely english much less that you know french, you can be sure.
I regret that you have no photos to send me.
You will think to me, when you will be back to england and I hope it will be in short time.
I keep allways my dear button in the meanetime, waiting your wings of the Raf.
It is a little difficult to speak of me. I fear allways the control there in Tunis, there are no distractions since the war. but I hope that better days will not be sorry to come also for you. You are of my opinion, indeed.?
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I hope that you will think to me, if in other conditions you can come back later in Tunisia.
Je u’ ai ? ma lettre le francais. Je u’ ai d’allez guerre de ? a nous dire. J’espere a vous tres bientot de vos nourelles. Eu a ? je vous ennui toutes les ?

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[postage stamp]
G.T. chef (J. Douglas) Hudson.
Camp de séjour surveillé:
[underlined] Le Kef
Tunisie [underlined]
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“Letter to Douglas Hudson in Le Kef,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed December 9, 2022, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/11001.

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