Sinking of the SS Conte Rosso. Part 5



Sinking of the SS Conte Rosso. Part 5


A lifeboat is about to capsize. Figures are falling helplessly into the water and one figure in a green shirt is screaming in terror whilst holding his right arm in the air. The keel of the lifeboat is above water as it tips backwards.

Label reads “34”; caption reads “5 … Vedere quei soldati del tutto in’esperti del nuoto, che si aggrappavano a noi nella speranza d’aiuto, e altri ancora che gridavano e invocavano qualcuno accovacciato con la testa fra la mani, inebetito dal terrore. Molti si buttavano a mare a capofitto attorno alle lancie, vi era una confusione caotica, l’unico motoscafo ebbe il motore avariato da un forsennato, poco dopo venne capovolto provocando la morte di parecchie persone, tra i quali il nostro primo ufficiale Anche il comandante militare Bellegarde scomparve tra i flutti, ma fù forse dopo che il “CONTE ROSSO” si era inabissato completamente, che si verificarono alcune scene da epopee; da alcune scialuppe invisibili nella notte gruppi di giovani intonavano canzoni guerresche, i due siluri dell’Upholder erano costati all’Italia quasi 1500 giovani vite. Fine”

Caption translates as: “5… Seeing those inexperienced infantrymen holding onto us, hoping that we could help them; others were shouting asking for help, some crouched with their heads in their hands, stunned by fear. Many jumped headlong into the sea. Amongst the lifeboats there was utter chaos, the only launch had its engine damaged by a someone in panic. Shortly after, it capsized, causing the death of many men, amongst whom was our first officer. Commander Bellegarde disappeared under the waves as well. It was only after the complete sinking of the 'Conte Rosso' that a scene fit for an epic tale took place: groups of young men started singing war songs from some lifeboats hidden in the dark. The two torpedoes had cost Italy roughly 1,500 young lives. The end”

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One tempera on paper, pasted on mount board


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