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  • Is Part Of is exactly "Filiputti, Angiolino. Sinking of the SS Conte Rosso"

A lifeboat is about to capsize. Figures are falling helplessly into the water and one figure in a green shirt is screaming in terror whilst holding his right arm in the air. The keel of the lifeboat is above water as it tips backwards.

Label reads…

The Conte Rosso is sinking bow first into turbulent waters. Men are struggling in the water and a figure is totally submerged with only his left hand raised above the water. Nearby, a man with a lifebelt marked “CONTE ROSSO” is swimming towards…

In choppy water, two lifeboats are packed with people wearing military uniform. Figures are being tossed around in the sea. One figure is sinking backwards in the water with his legs in the air. Another is waving his arm in the air. Four figures, not…

The liner Conte Rosso in dazzle pattern camouflage is sailing on a clear night with smoke rising out of the two funnels.

Label reads “30”; signed by the author; caption reads “(1) LA NOTTE dei 3000 del “CONTE ROSSO” 24 MAGGIO 1941. Ore…
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