Letter from Douglas Hudson in Aumale to parents



Letter from Douglas Hudson in Aumale to parents


Most of the letter concerns post with catalogue of mail sent and received and shows concern that some was missing/delayed. due to multiple address changes at both ends. Suggests that they send mail to him via the American consul in Algiers.


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Two page handwritten letter



EHudsonJDHudson(Fam)410613-010001, EHudsonJDHudson(Fam)410613-010002

Temporal Coverage


Royal Air Force. 755052. Sgt. Chef. J. D. Hudson
Camp de Séjour Surveillé
Algérie Afrique du Nord.
My Dear Mother & Dad,
My last letter to you was written on the 10th, & on the 11th I received your cable of the 9th forwarded from Média, the fair city we left on May 31st. Your cable was worded as follows:- “Letters post cards received Cranford both well happy in own home pleasant garden very high all our love” I was very pleased to receive this & I am only sorry that my allowance is hardly sufficient to warrant my sending many cables to you, but I am glad to know you received the two I sent to you from Média. From the content of your cable I gather you must have received letters & post cards written from Kef about end of March or early April & addressed to Cranford, doubtless in reply to your first Air Mail letter written on February 26th. When I was at Kef. I wrote letters every fortnight, & if I could obtain them, p.cs approximately each week, & until about January these were sent to you via the Swiss Red Cross. According [deleted] ing [/deleted] to your letters I think most of these you received up to January 17th. At about that period I started sending my letters via Air Mail unstamped, but marked F.M. which means something to do with the French Military Post, & I have a feeling that these did not do too well, in fact I judge by
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your comments they were no quicker & possibly not as regular as the letters sent via Geneva. However, I continued writing through this Air Mail channel until I reached Média on April 24th. From then I have written to you about every three or four days by Air Mail, stamped myself, & through the offices of the American Consul in Algiers. I do hope this route has proved, & will continue to prove to be more efficient. Although I am writing from the above address it may be advisable for you to address my future mail to me c/o. the Consul Général des Etat Unis; Rue Michelet 119; Alger; Afrique du Nord. he will be in a position, I hope, to forward my letters wherever I may be. I have sent letters to you to Cranford, & 6. Walurden Crescent, & to 191. Halifax Road, according to the addresses to hand & I hope they will all get through. Well to revert to your last cable I am ever so glad to learn that you are happy & that you have a garden. I hope it will continue like this. In one of your earlier letters you explained in detail the situation & views possible on clear days. You wondered if this would pass the Censor – well he didn’t appear to mind, in fact what you said I gather was perfectly harmless. I am afraid this letter has been chiefly about mail. To-day I have done the usual P.T, morning walk & football in the evening. It is getting fairly warm & shorts alone are the order of the day. Well now it is time to say good-night, with every best wish & all my love as ever,



James Douglas Hudson, “Letter from Douglas Hudson in Aumale to parents,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed October 26, 2020, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/10888.

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