Letter from Douglas Hudson in Médéa to parents



Letter from Douglas Hudson in Médéa to parents


Writes that he has received many letters and discusses the time some have taken and different post options. Mentions finances and that conditions in new location are much improved. Catches up with family news and discusses weather in North Africa.


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Two page handwritten letter



EHudsonJDHudson(Fam)410501-010001, EHudsonJDHudson(Fam)410501-010002

Temporal Coverage


R.A.F. 755052 Sgt. Chef. J. D. Hudson
Camp de Liberté Surveillé
Hotel d’Orient
My Dear Mother & Dad,
I was very pleased indeed to receive your Air Mail letter dated April 9th, this afternoon, it had been forwarded from Kef apparently. You say you have received 2 letters & three postcards from me in one week, & that one letter took 14 weeks. I think it is quite definite that our letters take much longer to get through than yours. The Air Mail service from England seems very good & takes about 3 weeks, sometimes a little less. You ask about your telegrams I have received two. One on Feb 5th sent on the 3rd & the other arrived on April 7th sent on April 3rd. So you see cables are quite good. I have received all your news regarding your changes of addresses etc, & I do hope that you will have settled down now & that you will have much better luck. In all my letters I always say that I am thinking about you & hope you are keeping well & safe. From previous letters I am glad to learn that my allotment has been fixed at 35/- & trust that if it is of any use you will take advantage of it. I wrote to you by
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air mail from here about five days ago & also sent another letter via the American Consul in Algiers I do hope they get through. They explained about our change of address, about our coming here & about the new & of course improved conditions. Here we are allowed to walk about free. What a change after the last eight months.
You say that Dad is out one night in eight. What is he doing? Can you tell?
To-day here, they are celebrating May 1st. Seems to be pretty universal. I also remember it would be Grandma’s birthday. They are playing bands & flying flags etc. It is cold too, of course we are so high. I expect it will be as warm in England. This place is not in the least like Tunis. More English in type & country. There is a much bigger population of French here. Everybody says the hot weather is to come. I shall not forget the heat when we arrived in Africa 8 months ago. It was terrific, & the flies!! But not so here, at least yet. When I think of our aircraft I could weep. Those were the days [inserted] before [/inserted] when we were in England. War or no war. Suppose I have to be careful now. This might please you to know that as a matter of routine we were all medically examined yesterday. The Doctor said “tres bien; parfait” which means “splendid; perfect.” What more can I ask. Its not the meat, must be the olive oil at Kef. And so cheerio, all my best wishes & all my love, [underlined] Douglas [/underlined]



James Douglas Hudson, “Letter from Douglas Hudson in Médéa to parents,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed October 26, 2020, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/10879.

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