Letter to Mrs Wilson from Jim Ferrier's father



Letter to Mrs Wilson from Jim Ferrier's father


Letter from the father of Jim Ferrier, the Canadian bomb aimer in the crew to Mrs Wilson, the wife of the captain. He thanks her for contacting him as he was not informed of addresses of next of kin of other crew. He holds out hope of news and says he will contact her if he receives any information.



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Three photocopied sheets, two page handwritten letter and printed transcript


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[on headed notepaper]
May 14 1944
Dear Mrs Wilson
May I thank you for the kind thoughts which prompted you to write me? The R.C.A.F. did not notify me as to the address of the next of kin of the remainder of the crew, who were all English, as they do with Canadian crews and we have been rather at sea as to who to get in touch with in event we hearing of any developments in regard to Jim. If we hear any good news, I will send you a cable. We will appreciate any further [word]? As to any member of the crew.
Though time is passing, we are sure of hearing good news. Jim always spoke so well of all members of the crew, and with a pilot of the experience of your husband we feel that they all would have a good sporting chance.
We have a sister-in-law living in London, who was attached to the Red Cross
[page break]
[on headed notepaper]
and I feel sure that through her efforts we may have news, earlier perhaps than would otherwise arrive.
My other boy is in the Navy and our one girl, Enid, who has just reached her seventeenth birthday is at home with us.
My wife joins me in thanks for your thoughts in writing us.
Yours very sincerely.
Gordon J Ferrier.
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Dr Gordon J Ferrier, “Letter to Mrs Wilson from Jim Ferrier's father,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 16, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/10797.

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