Letter from Malcolm Payne to Doris Weeks



Letter from Malcolm Payne to Doris Weeks


Writes about a bad operation the previous night. Explains why he could not come and see her. Hoping for 48 hour pass. Tells story about bottle of ammonia and identified an acquaintance seen with girl in local cinema.




Temporal Coverage



Five page handwritten letter and envelope


IBCC Digital Archive


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[postage stamp]
Miss Doris Weeks,
37 Hawthorne Rd.,
Bunker’s Hill,
[underlined] Lincoln. [/underlined]
[page break]
[inserted] Got the “baccy” O.K Darling. Thanks millions Repay you when I see you? [/inserted]
[Royal Air Force crest]
F/Sgt. Payne M.H.
No.2 Ante Rm.
etc. etc.
I’m tired! I managed to crawl most reluctantly out of my bundle of blankets and such this afternoon about 4.30 and now I’m ready for bed again at 10 O’clock.
We flew last night Pet, and if you managed to get through to the mess I was at bloody bloody briefing. I didn’t even have time to ‘phone there and leave a message. Hell! but I bet you were mad.
The trip last night was horrible – no awful - sounds better. When we finally got “down”, filled the gaps inside and climbed into bed the old clock showed almost 6. Not bad I reckon because we got air-borne about 9 O’clock the night before.
[page break]
Struth! I believe I’m moaning again. I seem to do a lot of it don’t I Angel?
Now – why didn’t I come in and see you tonight. Well darling it was work. I did a small amount of everything tonight. Ironing, sewing sweeping. Really a domestic old bugger – but aren’t I just. Anyway I’m going to see you tomorrow night whether you like it or not. I’ve a strong feeling you will like it though. Am I right?
There’s been a rather persistent rumour going round that we won’t be going to Syerson until Thursday and if that’s the case a 48 seems to be sticking out at us. Gee! but I hope so darling. Should we get one
[page break]
it will most probably be starting from after duty tomorrow. Darling, you’ll hear all this tomorrow so why am I telling you. Why do I write at all in fact. I guess it’s because I love you so much darling and then too, I seem lost not having even heard you today.
I do love you darling xxxxx I saw Elsie to the top of the hill O.K Friday night and gave her (bugger) a weeny teeny good-night “peck” about which you will most likely have heard a great deal. But I know you trust me darling and that too gives me a wonderful feeling.
I don’t know whether you get what I mean – I suppose you do anyway.
The [underlined] ammonia [/underlined]? works
[page break]
wonders Pet. Like hell. I carried it stuck down the front of my tunic the other night, dismounted from that wonderful piece of machinery which I place between my legs, then tred water, propped it against the wall then – Then the bottle slipped out and broke on our doorstep. Hell! I was mad. I [deleted] cav [/deleted] cursed long loud and heartily and felt eased. Strange that you know. I wasn’t cursing because it cost me 10D but to think that I carried it from Lincoln right to my room then broke the bugger. Now I think it’s a helluva a joke.
Oh! by the way, that was bud (he apparently isn’t worth a capital “B” but it’s just a slip on my part.) who we saw
[page break]
heroically knecking a wench in the cinema. He’s quite [deleted] disappoint [/deleted] disappointed we didn’t go and sit with him. Aw heck!!!
My peepers are beginning to close dearest so methinks I shall leave you and get some in. I’ll be ringing and seeing you tomorrow.
‘Night for now
All my love darling
Ever Yours
[underlined] Malcolm. [/underlined]
x for you
x ?
I’m not going to read through and correct – just overlook ‘em Pet. xx



Malcolm Payne, “Letter from Malcolm Payne to Doris Weeks,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed January 29, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/10568.

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