Letter from Malcolm Payne to Doris Weeks



Letter from Malcolm Payne to Doris Weeks


He writes apologising for missing her phone call, about his friends' antics and his activities. Says he is happy to have his bicycle. Ends with endearments.




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Four page handwritten letter and envelope


IBCC Digital Archive


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[postage stamp]
Miss Doris Weeks,
37 Hawthorne Rd.,
Bunker’s Hill,
[underlined] Lincoln [/underlined].
[page break]
[Royal Canadian Air Force crest]
[page break]
F/Sgt. Payne M.H.
No. Ante Rm.
R.A.F. Stn.
[underlined] 12-3-44. [/underlined]
Hello Darling,
It seems ridiculous that I should have to put such a huge, idiotic address on such a small page but the R.A.F. are experts in the art of Bull. S. after 5 years of practice and it’s one of their gawky regulations.
However, let’s not worry too much over such trifling things.
I feel an utter pig darling. I left the mess less than five minutes before you rang this evening. After waiting 15 minutes I decided you weren’t going to call me and the weather was beginning to get
[page break]
- as I thought – too rough for you to venture out. That’s twice I’ve let you down now and really [deleted] darlg [/deleted] ([symbol] damn) darling. I’m awfully sorry. Please forgive me.
We’ve not long since finished a thick “cup of cocoa and a tin of peaches which Donald condescended to open. Most generous of him don’t you think, and don’t make noises as though your mouth waters!
I’m lying flat on my tummy, (which is making queer jingling noises) and find its most difficult to write in such a position.
I’ve spoken to
[page break]
Midge Angel and have tried to make him turn his bed over to you, but nothing doing so I guess you’ll just have to put up with me for a bed mate! D’you mind?
[indecipherable name] and I left the garage at 12.15 last evening and were in the billet at precisely 1. AM so I’m beginning to think one can do amazing things with such ridiculously short legs as mine, and a “bike”.
We are supposed to be doing P.T. tomorrow my Pet but I’m afraid they’ve “had” me as I want to tear into Lincoln to cuddle my beloved xxx [circled x]
[page break]
I must say dearest “its” almost a glorious change to have my old bicycle out here. The odd little pieces of energy it saves me are countless.
Know what Darling? I’m terribly much in love. What’s more [deleted] its [/deleted] (Bugger!!!) it happens to be you I’m loving.
I must mentally hug and kiss you good night for now my darling and please may your ear burn just a weeny bit
Bye bye dearest
my very fondest
love and kisses
[underlined] Malcolm [/underlined]. xxxx
[circled x] [circled x] [underlined] Specials Returned [/underlined]
Xxxxxxxxxxxxx behind the [deleted] op [/deleted] counter.
[inserted] P.S My writing isn’t really like all [underlined] this trash always. [/underlined] M.P.



Malcolm Payne, “Letter from Malcolm Payne to Doris Weeks,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed March 25, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/10552.

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