Letter from Doris Payne to Doris Weeks



Letter from Doris Payne to Doris Weeks


Part of letter from Doris Payne in Australia talking about her current job flax spreading. wedding photographs and suggesting that Doris Weeks does not get them presents due to difficulty and expense in England.




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Two page handwritten letter and envelope


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S. Aust.
Dear Doris,
I’m awfully sorry [deleted] not [/deleted] to have left your letter so long before answering it. I’ve just noticed it was dated 1-3-45.
I’m glad you received the wedding photo O.K. & that you liked it. I’ve been seriously thinking of having a bigger one done – tinted & framed [deleted] fo [/deleted] for our future home.
I’m working quiet [sic] near Watervale now & am on flax spreading. I stay at the hostel (which is really a large home taken over for the duration) with 19 other girls. They are a great crowd & we have lots of fun. I always thought flax was hard work [deleted] l [/deleted] & so I always put in to go on other jobs to escape it but now I’m on it I really like it. That’s often the way isn’t it. – I’m spending this weekend up at Watervale & have one of my room mates here with me. We travel 50 miles a day to & from work so we see quite a bit of country too.
Doris honestly I dont [sic] want you to bother too much over getting presents for either of us as things must be very hard to get over there & [deleted] are [/deleted] would also be very expensive. I have practically every
[page break]
2) thing I need in my box – enough to start house keeping on any way. Theres [sic] one thing I would like & thats [sic] a really nice photo of yourself. My address will be at Undalaya until Keith comes home on leave so you can please yourself which address you use. By the way I have never received your
3) sea-mail, letter it must have gone to keep your birthday cake company. Have you ever received the 2 lovely guest towels “mum” posted you the same day as my photo. I hope you did as they were beautiful. Write again soon won’t you – also don’t forget to get in touch with that English land girl as I’m looking forward to her letters. Lots of Love
from Doris xxxxxxxx
[date stamp]
[postage stamp]
Miss Doris Weeks,
37 Hawthorne Rd.
Bunkers Hill
Sender’s name and address:-
Mrs. Doris Payne
A.W.L.A. Hostel
S. Aust.
[inserted] 15.4 [/inserted]



D Payne, “Letter from Doris Payne to Doris Weeks,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 14, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/10538.

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