Letter to Doris weeks from A T Edwards



Letter to Doris weeks from A T Edwards


Part of letter from Corporal Alan T Edwards at RAAF Mallala writes about mutual friends and difficulty of journeying to see Malcolm Payne's parent due to lack of petrol. Mentions that he has put in for discharge.




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Two page handwritten letter and envelope


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My Dear Doris,
Was so glad to have your Air Letter of 2nd July one day last week. It arrived the day after I had written your further letter & so I had already sealed it could not acknowledge inside so added the P.S on the outside. Many thanks for your good wishes, I can understand your [sic] having rather a¬¬ dreary time of it but I guess, as you may, things will work themselves out O.K. Yes John was missing before I left. I think I only met Irene once & that was one evening no can’t say that I really know here, but I know whom you mean. As I said in my previous letter things did not work out as well on that day I went to Watervale, so I’ve not yet [indecipherable] Mrs. Payne. Their place is rather a difficult one to get at in these days of little or no petrol, but rest assured that as soon as an opportunity presents itself I shall go & see her. So glad to know that you had such a grand time in London.
So far I’ve not had a reply from Alex – had a letter from Jack Batt, the same day as I received yours & he (Alex) passed crew member to Jack, so im afraid I’ll be waiting quite a while for news of him. Jack was O.K – in fact he was very jubilant because he has at last been granted permission to travel back here with Joyce & Perry. At the time he wrote was in London at his in-laws awaiting the word.
Bet Elsie is thrilled about things these days – where about are they living? Did she settle down alright when Frank come back?
The cutting from the paper is at home at the moment & any way I can’t enclose it with this, but will try & get it away sometime next week so I’m going on leave again. Just the usual quarterly leave this time.
Think I told you before that I have applied for my discharge & if it is successful will be going back to Bal. to live. Needless to say Mary is very mean about it – she reckons I am still too far away!
My congrats to Harry on his extra ring.
I don’t want to drag up to many sad memories, but was looking up my last years diary, I find that the day on which you r received your letter was exactly 12 months to the day since I saw “Buffalo Bill” For some unknown (?) reason

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I had two very vivid dreams during the week & oddly though the central figure in each was a certain woman named Doris. So you see that I have not been able to forget about you & don’t believe I ever shall. Really don’t suppose I should be writing like this but facts are facts. Was home at the week and for a couple of days but had a very quiet time. Went to the pictures to see “The Hard Way” on Saturday night & it was a fair sort of show. I’m still having trouble to find a show I’ve not already seen & most times have to be content to see a show a second time.

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Seem to have got a little mixed up with these flaps, but have no doubt you’ll be able to sort it out.
I’m still not liking it very much here & I shall be very glad to get out of it altogether or at least get away to some operational place – but this of course would be more that I could ask Mary to put up with so I think I’d better get out. Well this is all for now. [indecipherable word] are off the market at the moment, so I’d appreciate a little tobacco if you can get it – you’d better find out if it’s O.K. to send before you buy it.
[indecipherable word] & all the best. Sincerely yours



A T Edwards, “Letter to Doris weeks from A T Edwards,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed May 26, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/10531.

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