Letter to Mrs Whybrow from TD Hampson



Letter to Mrs Whybrow from TD Hampson


The letter refers to the decrease in eating, particularly picnics and wartime activities. He expresses a desire to meet with Mrs Whybrow.




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Fredonia Kansas
Jan 21, 1944
Dear Mrs. Whyhope:-
Coming home just now I note the absence of Mrs Hampson for the minute. From the looks of things she has been doing some letter writing. I notice an envelope addressed to you and that this note might be included.
Our way of living has changed so very much since it was first our privilege to know Fred. I remember at that time I was writing what big eaters we were and how we had family picnics. We don’t do that anymore instead our people are all too busy in war work if not in active military service to get together and then if we could it would be on limited rationed food. We do well though; We have nothing to complain about.
I wish you could personally know Mrs Hampson and Frances. Do you play bridge? I ask this to illustrate. When we met Fred we knew such a fine lad had a mighty sweet mother some place. We wrote to you. We liked you and in turn Dorothy wanted send to you some little token, plentiful here to show the esteem she and Frances felt. That was done. Well, Mrs Whybrow imagine my wife and daughters amazement when they find themselves receiving such prize gifts at your [one indecipherable word]
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Your expression this wise under conditions as now exist in your Country make them the more treasured. In the game of Bridge you would have “over trumped us.”
Do you give any attention to politics in the US? I am thinking particularly of President Roosevelt and the possibility of a 4th term.
If you choose pass this note on to Fred. We think of him often and our best wishes are always for him.
Mrs Whybrow this is just a happen so letter all because Mrs Hampson was away when I came in and leaving her desk open. I hope you don’t mind.
With sincere good wishes to you & convey to Fred my kindest personal good wishes, I am
J D Hampson



T D Hampson, “Letter to Mrs Whybrow from TD Hampson,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed December 2, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/10489.

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