Letter to Mrs Whybrow from TD Hampson



Letter to Mrs Whybrow from TD Hampson


The letter refers to a proposed visit to their house by Fred. The end of the letter is missing.




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May 19, 1946
Dear Mrs. Whybrow,
The thot [sic] of a visit by Fred thrills us. We request you help make the thot [sic] a reality. Your letter telling us of Freds [sic] plan was received a couple of days ago and following only a day or two a conversation in our home, which I think will be of interest, and which developed about like this.
I was in the orchard at Blue Meadows, the thot [sic] that struck me and very real, Fred Whybrow is going to show up for a visit and soon. Upon returning home so real was the impression from this that I mentioned it to Mrs. Hampson. She said, ‘Isn’t that strange? I had the same thot [sic] and started to mention it to Frances, and then didn’t.’ Frances in another part of the house and hearing her name mentioned joins us. We repeat. Frances said, ‘Wouldn’t that be just grand. I hope he does.’
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In these few words Frances spoke for all of us.
Imagine our delight, Mrs. Whybrow, when two days latter [sic] Mrs. Hampson received your lovely letter, which among other things, told of Freds [sic] plan to visit us on his way home.
We are expecting him and while he is here we will demonstrate to Fred not only is, ‘There no place in the world like England,’ but also there is not another Fredonia Kaus.
Of course we don’t know Freds [sic] schedule. Necessity may change his schedule and his plan. We hope not.
Our family has planned a vacation beginning July 15th for thirty days in Glacier National Park. This is in the state of Montana and only a few miles south of the south Canadian border. We would be most pleased to have Fred share this vacation with us. We have ample cabin reservation and it is one grand place for vacation, rest relaxation and fun, it has everything.



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