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Half portrait of a bareheaded Peter in uniform, with corporal stripes.

Additional information about this item has been kindly provided by the donor. This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive in digital form: no better quality copies are…

Dorothy thanks Les for a calendar he sent her. She has had two letters from her husband and is feeling very happy.

The letter asks if he can write to a member of the association about a lady's husband.
He is also thanked for his donation.

A group photograph taken in front of a Lancaster. Included is a list of some of the men.

Alan was born in Parramatta, Sydney, in Australia. After going to the Middle East with the army, he returned to Australia, when Japan entered the war, and transferred to the RAF in November 1942.
Alan was posted to Bradfield Park for training and…

Includes biographic details, service history and account of last operation for which he was awarded the Victoria Cross. Completed 111 operations on three squadrons, took part in Cologne 1000 bomber operation. Awarded Distinguished Flying Cross twice.…

Joined in 1942 and then details training and tour on 115 Squadron, gunnery course, tours as gunnery instructor. Further tour with 625 Squadron, crashed twice before another instructors tour. Mentions 14 ops on first tour and 20 on second. Comments on…

Records that Jack Meek a Canadian navigator was going back on operations after having been wounded on an operation to Berlin the previous January. Describes his crew and relates the story of the January operation where they were attacked by fighters…

A head and shoulders portrait of Reg taken when he was a prisoner of war, with his service number, 1389401.

Five airmen wearing battledress with brevet and side caps standing in line in front of a bomber. On the reverse 'Jan 44, Ken Oakes, Ron Tickell, Jack Scott, Max Pointon, Ken Handley'.

This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in…


Letter and explanatory note. Writes while playing housey-housey (bingo) in the mess. Describes some events over Christmas including cycling 40 miles to meet Mary, going for walk and going to see a film. Describes life at his station, mentioning…

Top left - annotated 'RAAF, AUST 409343, Sgt Pilot Tillotson G K, Gardner Street, Box-Hill E11, Victoria, Australia'.
Bottom left - photograph of a woman wearing dress sitting on a wall. Top right - photograph of a baby in a toy car.
Bottom right…

Top - writes he is fit and well and that he went to a pantomime previous night. Mentions ice skating and not having any mail.

Middle - writes that he still has not heard from her. Hope mail and cigarettes on the way. Writes of meeting old school…

The first letter advises Doreen that her husband has officially lost his life.
The second letter advises the location of her husband's grave.

The two airmen and two WRNs are sitting in a shelter. It is annotated 'Jan 1944' but is Daphne's 21st birthday.

Two items from an album.
Item 1 is an envelope addressed to Victor's parents. It came from a prisoner of war camp in Germany.
Item 2 is a photograph of a woman seated and wearing a thick coat.
There is a caption 'George Vic Ron Jack Sam Dave Cyril…

Details of Sam's operations with 692 squadron, mainly against German cities.
There is a photograph of the squadron arranged in front of two Mosquitoes.

A record of events and their times for the period 26 January to 2 March 1944 (72 pages).

A record of events and their times at RAF Tholthorpe for the period 26 November 1943 to 25 January 1944 (61 pages).

A log kept at Tholthorpe to record events and times of importance. It commences July 6th 1943 and ends 30th March 1944.

Twenty-one men with nine in front standing in doorway. All wearing suit and tie and forth from left in front row is holding a hat. On the reverse 'At Avro's Chadderton. Roy Chadwick and his design team January 1944. A vital only photo. Harold Rogeson…

Three photographs on an album page.
The three images show rocky terrain and the lake, captioned 'All of Lake Superior. Taken from the train. En route for Prince Albert, January 1944'.


Dave has started receiving letters from Betty again. He met acquaintances from England and warns that it may be some time before he returns home. Dave writes that he saw local Indians. He looks forward to marrying Betty, sharing a home and garden…


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