Letter to Fred Whybrow from TD Hampson



Letter to Fred Whybrow from TD Hampson


The letter praises Fred for his treasured visit to their house. He complains, gently, about the lack of letters from Fred, contrary to what he had promised.




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[underlined] ATTORNEY-AT-LAW [/underlined]
July 3 1943
Fred Whybrow 1321870
17 Clowders Road
London S.E.6
C/O Mrs. Alice Whybrow
Dear Fred
We have read the King’s English refined by Shakespeare; we have read it and listened to it as used by [inserted] the [/inserted] Prime Minister in moving the world.
Influential as the rhetoric of these named, they do not impress us or warm our hearts towards the English as did your long-looked-for-letter, received but a day or two ago by our family. To us you symbolize Great Britain’s military force in it’s armed men. When we hear of Great Britain’s activity, we attach to personalities like yourself the success or the reverse. This developes from our treasured acquaintance with you. Great Britain may have other Ambassadors, but so far as our family is concerned, Fred Whybrow was and is Ambassador Deluxe.
Tomorrow is our Independence Day. Just a year ago we enjoyed you and Rook in our home so much. We would not turn the clock back a year, but we would like to look forward to a time when we could really recount experience with you.
Fred, in the year that has passed, we have thought about you many, many times; as you know, we have had some correspondence with your mother and received some pictures of the members of the family. We have had a look at sister who made for you, “calf’s foot jelly”. We would like to know your family better.
I will say for you that in your deliberate way and for an Englishman, you are quite a kidder. When you wrote to us

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from Chicago, you mentioned you were going to write frequently, and if the measure of time when you did write was a frequency interval, we will have to write a new dictionary.
Fred, I don’t know what you anticipate as a life’s vocation but I suggest whatever it may be, you have opportunity to make use of a most exceptional talent, and that is to write a wonderful letter.
Mrs. Hampson and Frances think I should write this letter in longhand. I don’t choose to offer my scribblings in comparison to the manner in which you prepare your letters.
We will celebrate the 4th of July for all of us tomorrow.
With kindest regards and very best wishes, I am,



T D Hampson, “Letter to Fred Whybrow from TD Hampson,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 13, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/10488.

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