Letter from Rosemary Chadwick to parents



Letter from Rosemary Chadwick to parents


Writes about how time at school is very busy and about playing hockey. Continues about school activities and ask mother to order a book for her. States she is settled and happy and sends regards to family.




Temporal Coverage




Three page handwritten letter


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[inserted] [underlined] Rosemarys [sic] love for her father [/underlined] [/inserted]
St. Elphin’s School
Darley Dale.
Sept. 28th
[inserted] ABOUT 1945 [/inserted]
My Dear Mummy and Daddy
I hope that you are both well and are not working too hard – talking about work, you’ve know idea, we have simply masses and hardly any time so please don’t think that its [sic] laziness if I only write to you once a week. all the evening is taken up doing prep; Except for the amount we get it is not too bad.
[underlined] It was lovely having you over on Sunday Daddy and I was terribly pleased to see you again [/underlined]
Since then nothing special has happened – just lessons -!
I have played hockey every day this week and enjoyed it very much – Di is vice hockey captain for our house and she is also in the first eleven for school (it is
[Page break]
her star game)
By the way I’ve got a chance of getting into the house hockey team if I play hard. I do hope I will – and I want to try for the Badminton as well
Tomorrow afternoon we will be going into Matlock to do some shopping - and after tea there is a Quiz – between the houses.
Six people out of each house are going to have questions pattered at them –
Sir has got to answer questions on sport and I have got to answer the Literature ones –
By the way, Mummy, could you go down to the Smiths on Hale Station and ask if they managed to get hold of the “Green Dolphin Country by Elizabeth Gauge [sic] for me
I have settled down now and am enjoying this term very much.
I was a bit muddled at the [missing word] beging [/missing word] of the week about arranging my preps
[page break]
And all the lessons seemed so hard to do but I’ve got fairly straight now I am O.K. again.
Please give my love to Margaret when you see her, and keep lots for both of you
I remain, always your affectionate
[underlined] Rosemary [/underlined]




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