Lapham, Rosemary


Lapham, Rosemary
R Lapham


100 items. An oral history interview with Rosemary Lapham, the daughter of Roy Chadwick, family correspondence, congratulations on being honoured, personal documentation as well as photographs of family, acquaintances and aircraft. The collection also contains a thank you letter from Barnes Wallis to Roy Chadwick and a note from Arthur Harris to Robert Saundby about the in-feasibility of the Eder Möhne and Sorpe operation, some conceptual aircraft drawings and other mementos.

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Rosemary Lapham and catalogued by Nigel Huckins.




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Lapham, R

Collection Items

576 Squadron
Over 120 airmen in four rows in front of a Lancaster. Titled '576 Squadron June 1945'

61 Squadron
100 plus aircrew in five rows in front of a hangar. Titled '61 Squadron (Bomber) at RAF Station Waddington Feb 1946'.

Roy Chadwick with a model of Avro Tudor
Roy Chadwick stranding wearing suit and holding a pencil. In the foreground the model of a four engine passenger aircraft. On the reverse 'Only copy, (this photograph has been taken from a film (home movie) clip, around 1946). Roy Chadwick in the…

Roy Chadwick
Head and shoulders portrait of Roy Chadwick wearing suit, shirt and tie. Captioned 'To my dear Rosemary with love from Daddy'.

Mary and Roy Chadwick standing in front of car
Mary Chadwick on the left wearing light coat, Roy Chadwick on the right wearing pullover, shirt and tie with foot on running board of an Armstrong Siddeley. In the background stone house with window. On the reverse 'Roy and Mary Chadwick, 1930's'.

Roy and Mary Chadwick standing by a car
Mary Chadwick on the left wearing light dress and Roy Chadwick on the right wearing pullover, shirt and tie with foot on running board of is an Armstrong Siddeley, in the background stone houses.

Roy Chadwick in garden
Roy Chadwick wearing jacket and tie putting something in his mouth. In the background bushes. On the reverse '1925, to mouths'.

Cooke family
A man and woman standing behind a girl and a boy sitting on a brick wall. In the background a door and window. On the reverse 'Dr Cooke, Roy's doctor who took him to Arbuthnot Lane for the life saving op's after his accident. The Cooke family…

Leonard Cheshire and Rosemary Lapham
On the left Leonard Cheshire wearing white overcoat holding glasses. On the right Rosemary Lapham in a dark coat smiling towards him. In the background a marquee.

Three children sitting on ground
A girl on the left with a chicken in her lap, a boy in the middle and a baby on the right all sitting on a mat on the ground with bushes in the background. On the reverse 'The A V Roe Children'.

Three children sitting on ground
A girl and baby and a boy sitting on a mat with foliage behind. On the reverse 'The Roe Children?'.

Certificate of Burial
Certificate of burial for Roy Chadwick in parish of Woodford in city of Chester on 27 August 1947. Annotated 'Grave Number M.W. B13 and 14'.

Copy of Entry of Death - Roy Chadwick
On 23 August 1947 near Adlington, death of Roy Chadwick in aircraft crash.

Newspaper cutting Roy Chadwick
Head and shoulders photograph of Roy Chadwick wearing jacket and tie. Printed details that he was chief designer at Avros for over 20 years and mentioning two aircraft, Avro 504 and Anson, which were built in greater numbers than any other type.

Roy Chadwick and Mary Gomersall's Wedding certificate
Wedding certificate for Roy Chadwick and Mary Gomersall at Urmston Parish Church on 8 October 1921.

Roy Chadwick Certificate of Registry of Birth
Certificate certifying birth of Roy Chadwick on 30 April 1893 was entered at No 429 of registry book

Roy Chadwick's birth certificate
Roy Chadwick born On 30 April 1893 in Widnes. Includes other family details.

Lancaster Bulletin No 2
Features episode during Augsburg operation of Lancaster being severely damaged but still returning home.

Anson Bulletin No 5
Document noting that seven Ansons have flown the equivalent of two thousand three hundred return journeys to Cologne without anything but customary servicing. Provides details of aircraft and offers congratulations from Royal Air Force..

Letter to Mrs Lapham from Barnes Wallis
Addressed to Mrs F Lapham thanking her for Christmas greetings and sending their's in return. Signed Barnes Wallis. Enclosed is photograph of Barnes Wallis and a women seated looking up at another woman who is leaning down to talk to them. Three…

It won't work - Bomber Harris
Copy of a note from Arthur Harris to R Saundby with title added 'It won't work Bomber Harris'. States that the idea was tripe of the wildest description with not the smallest chance of working. Goes on with other reasons why it would not work and…

Letter to Roy Chadwick from George Gomershall
Congratulates Roy Chadwick for recognition in recent honours list.

Congratulatory letter to Roy Chadwick
From County high school for girls. Congratulates Roy Chadwick on being honoured by the King for his work as aircraft designer. Proud of having a 'father' who had done service to country.

Telegram from Roy Chadwick
Western Union cablegram from Toronto announcing ' Arrived Tuesday am well love, Roy Chadwick'.

Rosemary Chadwick's notebook
Notebook containing drawings, short essays and notes in English and French by herself, family and other friends as well as several pages of signatures. Include part of a Théophile Gautier's poem. On the first page 'Rosemary Chadwick 1946'.
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