Letter from Roy Chadwick to Rosemary Chadwick



Letter from Roy Chadwick to Rosemary Chadwick


Thanks for letters and glad settled at school. Talks of clothes and food sent. Enquires about life at school and mentions hard work required for exams. Talks of weather and family activities and successes with laying chickens.




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Four page handwritten letter and envelope


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Miss Rosemary Chadwick
St Elphin’s School.
Darley Dale.
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Gilbert Rd
Hale. Cheshire
4th. May. 47.
My dear Rosemary
We were glad to receive your letter of Thursday & to know that you are settled down my dear also that you had spoken with Miss Stopford.
I hope that the socks Coathangers & Stamps reached you safely.
Mummy is sending you some sweets tomorrow and I think that you will enjoy them.
I’v [sic] been wondering how you are arranged for sleeping this
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[underlined] 2. [/underlined]
term are you in a dormatory [sic] or a cubical I hope that you are comfortable my dear.
We had a letter from Uncle Alan this week and he sends his love to you.
The Pullets are doing quite well altho’ No. 1. has been off colour & has so far laid only two eggs Nos 2 & 3 have laid 5 each & No 4. 7.
I think that No.1. is getting better, Mummy thinks that it was a chill or it may have been frightened during the journey & not got over it so quickly as the others.
Mummy seems to have got the feeding well in hand
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[underlined] 3 [/underlined]
and all of them enjoy their food.
I expect that it was nice to be back at school & to see your friends again & discuss the holidays.
I do hope that this will be a nice term in spite of the hard work you will have to do in preparation for the examinations.
If only the weather would cheer up & let us have some nice warm sunshine we should all of us feel better for it.
Mummy & I saw a good film “I met a dark stranger” which we enjoyed, it was both exciting & amusing
[page break]
[underlined] 4 [/underlined]
and it was a British film I’m glad to say.
There does’nt [sic] seem to be much in the way of news since you went back to school.
We are all well & I hope that you are too and that you will be able to keep fit during the term.
With love from us all I remain ever you [sic] loving



Roy Chadwick, “Letter from Roy Chadwick to Rosemary Chadwick,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 20, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/10387.

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