letter from Roy Chadwick to Rosemary Chadwick



letter from Roy Chadwick to Rosemary Chadwick


Regrets she will not be able to travel home for half term due to weather and that the roads are too bad for them to visit her. Hope that school has enough fuel to keep heating going. Remarks that weather crisis will spur the country to get things in better shape. Catches up on family news, comments on local weather situation and mentions he is over illness. Discusses films, pets, whether she has been able to get out of school and sending overshoes. Finally discusses school activities.




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Sunday. 16.2.47
Gilbert Rd
Hale. Cheshire
My dear Rosemary
Mummy & I are so sorry that you will not be able to come home for half term as we know that you & all your school friends will be most disappointed.
However we hope that the holiday break will be nice & I am sure that you will all have a happy time together.
If the roads were at all reasonable in Derbyshire we
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would have driven over to see you my dear but we shall have to leave it until the snow thaws.
Let us hope that the thaw will soon take place, I’m sure that you are just about sick of snow by now
I hope that the school is managing to get sufficient coal or coke to keep the heating going properly, there is such a shortage that many people have no coal in their houses and in this dreadful weather it must be terrible for them.
One wonders what this country is coming to but perhaps this crisis will spur everyone
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on to get things into better shape.
We had a letter from Grandma Chadwick telling us that she had been in bed with an attack of bronchitis but she is up again & will soon be quite better.
They of course have had the same cold & snow as everywhere else.
We have had very little snow here I’m glad to say & I hope that we shall not get any more before the cold spell breaks.
I have been back to business during last week & am getting over my illness very well so thats [sic] a good thing. eh!
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Did you manage to get to the Cinema & see “Devotion”? Mummy & I went to see it last night, it is about the Bronte Family and quite good altho’ I personally think that a film we saw some years ago on the same subject was better.
I have read [deleted] [indecipherable word] [/deleted] “Heritage Perilous” my dear & found it quite exciting.
How is the Bull terrier puppy getting along? being quite spoiled I expect.
Have you been able to get out of school at all dear? I’v [sic] been wondering
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about this & we have tried to get some wellingtons for you without success.
Mummy is sending you a pair of overshoes to try I’m afraid that they are too big for you & also they are for high heeled Shoes so I don’t know whether you can manage to use them.
Anyhow have a try & let us know how you go on with them.
I wonder what you will be doing this evening perhaps playing your gramophone.
Is there any record
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you would like me to get for you? if so please let me know.
By the way how have you all manage [sic] in class during the electricity cuts I should think that it has been difficult to see with such dull & overcast skies.
Well! sweetheart we are all well & we hope that you are the same & keeping up your spirits.
It will not be long before we pop over to see you so with all our love & best wishes I am ever your loving.



Roy Chadwick, “letter from Roy Chadwick to Rosemary Chadwick,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed May 21, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/10382.

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