Letter from Roy Chadwick to Rosemary Chadwick



Letter from Roy Chadwick to Rosemary Chadwick


Corrects her spelling of receipt and asks about photographs. States he has recovered from shingles and is feeling well. Mentions that mother has obtained some jam and goes on to discuss weather and heavy snow. Hopes she is warm enough at school. Offers advice on her handwriting and discusses school activities.




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Six page handwritten letter


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[underlined] 27th Jan 47. [/underlined]
Gilbert Rd
Hale. Cheshire.
My dear Rosemary
Mummy & I were glad to receive your letter of yesterday and to hear that you had got the photos, cheque etc.
By the way my dear, it is [underlined] receipt [/underlined] not [underlined] receit [sic] [/underlined].
which photo have you decided to have enlarged? will you have 28 because you look like Mummy?.
I’m sure that you will be pleased to find that you look like your beautiful Mother my dear daughter.
I am nearly quite
[page break]
recovered from the shingles, I think that another couple of days should [deleted] st [/deleted] see me clear of that.
When & where I shall have a holiday I do not yet know but I will do so & get quite fit & well again so do not worry my dear.
Actually I’m feeling all right now, the enforced rest has already done me a lot of good.
Mummy has managed to obtain some [deleted] [indecipherable word] [/deleted] Strawberry & Gooseberry jam which she is sending to you instead of the other jam she mentioned, I hope that you will enjoy it.
We have had a little snow for two days but it is only a light fall, according to the
[page break]
[underlined] 3 [/underlined]
news however there has been very heavy snow in places and I guess that it will be heavy in the hills of Derbyshire.
I do hope that you are warm enough Rosemary I’m sometimes afraid that it is not nearly so comfortable for you at school as we are at home.
Have you got enough bedclothes to keep you warm at night? if not please let us know & we will send more at once.
Also are you sufficiently well clad when you go out these wintry days? It is important that you should be so do not hesitate for
[page break]
one moment to let us know if you are not.
May I make a suggestion about your writing my dear altho’ I know that my own is not good, cut out as many of the flourishes as possible it makes it easier to read & quicker to write & will this help you with you [sic] work I’m sure.
Please do not take this as criticism my dear its just a suggestion.
I’m reading “Green Dolphin Country” & find it very good but there is rather a lot of descriptive writing which takes some getting through I find.
I’m glad to hear that
[page break]
[underlined] 5 [/underlined]
that you like the sweets I think that we are lucky to get a good supply as it helps to make up for things which we cannot get these days.
How do you like being a Monitress my dear, do you find it difficult? I hope not but in any case you will soon get accustomed to it & it will be quite natural & easy I’m sure.
I guess that you find the schoolwork pretty exacting but just do not worry about it & you will be O.K. I know.
We shall be glad for you to go with the Literary &
[page break]
[underlined] 6 [/underlined]
Dramatic Society to the Theatre as it will be a nice change from term work.
Do you pay for your ticket & fare at the time or is it put on the school bill? please let me know if you required any “Dosh”.
I’m glad to hear that you play your gram’ and I trust that you will get a lot of pleasure from it.
Well my dear I say goodnight now & close with Fondest love from Mummy & your affectionate



Roy Chadwick, “Letter from Roy Chadwick to Rosemary Chadwick,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed May 22, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/10380.

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