Letter from Roy Chadwick to Rosemary Chadwick



Letter from Roy Chadwick to Rosemary Chadwick


Sends thanks for anniversary gift and cards. Relates events at party. Writes about cars and family health issues. Discusses actions to prevent falling ill and about food parcels. Concludes with talk of family activities.




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Four page handwritten letter


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Sunday 13th Oct 46
Gilbert Rd
Hale. Cheshire
My dear Rosemary
Very many thanks my dear for the two beautiful Cards and the silver present which you sent to Mummy & I on our Silver Wedding anniversary.
We were delighted [deleted] to [/deleted] to receive them & we wished very much that you could have been with us on that day.
We had a realy [sic] good party at the Midland Hotel, Charles the head waiter did his best for us in every way even producing a nice cake as a surprise for Mummy.
John & Margaret came also Sir Roy & Lady Dobson and
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Mr Fielding.
They all were sorry that you were not present my dear, but we had an enjoyable time with a nice meal, good wines, music & dancing, in fact quite a celebration.
I’m glad that you like the car and we expect to receive from Armstrong-Siddeley Motors in about one Months time.
John & Margaret have got their little Austin Saloon Mummy says that it’s a perfect little pet with a Sunshine Roof I have not seen it yet but Margaret & John are very pleased with it.
Mummy has been very
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[underlined] 3 [/underlined]
poorly with an upset tummy, and now Grandma & Margaret have the same thing but Mummy is better.
Please take care of your health my dear and try not to get a chill, particularly after playing Hockey or some other outside game which gets you hot.
Always have a warm coat or sweater to put on & prevent a chill starting.
In particular start wearing your stockings now if you have not already done so.
Mummy is sending a parcel of fruit & sweets to you dare & I hope that you will
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enjoy them.
Bateman said that a fairey [sic] had left you two bars of chocolate, but as Mummy knew that you did’nt [sic] like them she came in for the treat.
We are going to see “Ceasar [sic] & Cleopatra” at the Cinema next Saturday.
Bateman has been planting bulbs and he has put some in a bowl for you to take back to school.
Well my dear daughter I will say bye-bye with lots of love from us all to you
Your loving



Roy Chadwick, “Letter from Roy Chadwick to Rosemary Chadwick,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed July 24, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/10371.

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