Letter to Mrs Hobbs from House of Commons



Letter to Mrs Hobbs from House of Commons


Letter in reply to Mrs Hobbs regarding the inadequacy of her weekly pension payment. Handwritten annotation that letter has been passed to Minister of Pensions.



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One-page typewritten letter


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[House of Commons crest]
34, South Molton Street,
W. 1.
30th June, 1945.
Mrs. Hobbs,
32, Southcroft Road,
Dear Mrs Hobbs,
I have received your letter of the 27th instant and I am very sorry indeed to learn that you lost your gallant husband while he was engaged in operations over Stuttgart in March 1944.
I realise that it is impossible for you to live without working on a pension of £2-15-0 per week and maintain your daughter in the fashion that you and your late husband would desire. It is very difficult indeed to frame a Pensions Scheme that will meet the needs of everyone. Many widows of working men who received £3 or £4 a week during their liftime [sic] are, of course, well content with the pension which you find inadequate. Your husband, obviously was in a very much better position in civil life than the majority of his comrades.
I am deeply sympathetic with your case, and if I can do anything to help I will be only too glad to do so, but the situation is not easy, and it would be wrong if I was to buoy up your hopes that I would succeed in getting you more money. I will, however, give your problem very serious thought, because it would give me considerable amount of satisfaction to be able to render some service to you.
Yours sincerely,
[inserted] As a preliminary step I have sent your letter on to the Minister of Pensions. [/inserted]



“Letter to Mrs Hobbs from House of Commons,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed May 22, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/10192.

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