Hobbs, Frank


Hobbs, Frank
Frank James Hobbs
F J Hobbs


69 items. The collection concerns 1262633 Flight Sergeant Frank James Hobbs a wireless operator with 630 Squadron, RAF East Kirkby, who was killed while on operations in a Lancaster on 16 March 1944. The collection contains his log book, official and family correspondence, official and personal documents, photographs of aircrew, family and his grave and some items of memorabilia. It also includes correspondence from a French gentleman who was witness to his aircraft crash and who returns recovered personal items belonging to Frank Hobbs.

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Barbara Storer and catalogued by Nigel Huckins.

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Hobbs, FJ

Collection Items

Frank Hobbs clothing card
Frank Hobbs clothing card issued at RAF North Luffenham

An airman to his mother
Letter found amongst the personal belongings of a Royal Air Force pilot recently reported missing believed killed, to be sent to his mother if he were killed. Letter talks about the importance of his role, admiration for his mother, sacrifice for…

Escape compass
Brass escape compass with crazed glass

Wallet and personal items
Wallet with good luck black cat card and photograph of a young girl inside. In front a driving licence and a sergeants mess subscription book from RAF East Kirkby.

Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve badge
White letters 'V R' on a blue cloth background.

Frank Hobbs wireless operators arm badge
Hand grasping three lightning bolts embroidered on a blue cloth background.

Frank and Kath Hobbs wedding
Full length wedding portrait with Frank Hobbs in formal dress on the left and Kath Hobbs in long dress with hat on the right. Captioned 'Kath and Frank Hobbs, 27 Sept 1932, St Lawrence Ch. Morden Surrey'

Noyon station
View of the front of a railway station with clock tower on the left and with a tall glass fronted entrance. On the right a small truck parked.

Frank Hobbs and two aircrew in front of a building
Three aircrew wearing Sidcot suits. Frank Hobbs is in the middle wearing a flying helmet. In the background a wooden building.

Frank Hobbs and three airmen in front of a building
Four airman with two slightly in front wearing tunic and the two slightly behind wearing battledress. Frank Hobbs in on the left with hand in pocket. The left hand three men have half brevet and the right hand man a pilots brevet. In the background a…

Frank Hobbs and crew in front of a Wellington
Six aircrew wearing parachute harness standing in line in front of a Wellington with letter 'N' on nose. Frank Hobbs is third from the right.

Frank Hobbs and two aircrew by the tail of a Wellington
Three aircrew in line standing by the rear turret of an aircraft. Frank Hobbs is on the left leaning on the elevator. All are wearing battledress and parachute harness. In the background right the front of a Wellington with a man standing on the…

Four airmen by a tree
Four airmen standing in line. The left hand man wearing tunic the others wearing battledress. The left two and right man have visible half brevet. To the right a tree and in the background a two story building. Frank Hobbs is second from the left.

Two airmen standing on a path
Two airmen standing side by side on a path. Frank Hobbs is on the right. Both men are wearing battledress with a hand in pocket. Right hand man has visible half brevet. Both have cigarettes in hand. To the right the side of a building and in the…

Frank Hobbs
Head and shoulders portrait of Frank Hobbs wearing side cap and tunic with air gunner brevet and sergeants stripes.

List of people with occupation and ambition
Lists of six entries with names Hobbs, Garland, Whitehead and Leech with occupation position and ambitions. Dates from August 22 to October 40.

1320438 J Coppin's address
Address for J Coppin at RAF Cranwell

Frank Hobbs bicycle registration
Registration serial number 454 - Flight Sergeant Hobbs F for Bicycle A441362, Maroon, Rudge Whitworth at RAF Skellingthorpe

Frank Hobbs permission to be absent from quarters
Permission slip for absent from quarters at RAF North Luffenham 24/25 March 1943. Station stamp with date 24 March 1943.

Frank Hobbs, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve notice to recruit or rejoin for service
Notice that Frank Hobbs required to join for service on 10 October 1940 at No 10 (Signals) Recruit Centre, Blackpool.

Letter to Mrs Hobbs from House of Commons
Letter in reply to Mrs Hobbs regarding the inadequacy of her weekly pension payment. Handwritten annotation that letter has been passed to Minister of Pensions.

Telegram from officer commanding 630 Squadron to Mrs Hobbs
Priority telegram from Officer Commanding 630 Squadron informing Mrs Hobbs that her husband Flight Sergeant F J Hobbs was missing from operations on night 15/16 March 1944. Warns that no information should be given to the press pending written…

Letter to Mrs Hobbs from G Letient
Thanks Mrs Hobbs for her letter and tries to answer her questions. Crash was sudden, no time for crew to suffer. Sgt Hobbs was still at his post. He obtained copy of pilots tag 'Rodbourne, 16.9.006, Blood, RAF'. No papers belonging to Hobbs. Location…

Telegram from Frank Hobbs to daughter Barbara
Wishes daughter Barbara a happy birthday

Telegram from Frank Hobbs to Mrs K Hobbs
Acknowledges earlier telegram and reports he's fit and well.
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