Letter to Frank Hobbs from Mrs Hobbs



Letter to Frank Hobbs from Mrs Hobbs


Starts with discussion about laundry. Mentions she enjoyed reading about his sporting adventures. Catches up with family news and possibility of her coming up to see him, though this would be difficult to arrange. Writes of letters from other people. Concludes with story about a dream and farewells.




Temporal Coverage



Four page handwritten letter and envelope


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[postage stamp]
1262633. F/Sgt F. Hobbs
c/o Sergeants Mess.
R.A.F. East Kirkby
Nr Spilsby
[page break]
32, Southcroft Rd.
Tooting. SW17.
Dearest Frank
I have just packed up your pants, vest & socks love, reckon I owe you an apology for being so long winded. Well it was like this – you remember I wrote you a letter the night you went back & said Fed had helped me pack up the Laundry, that was two weeks ago of course. For some unknown reason the buggars only delivered it this Saturday. I can’t imagine what yours are going to look like if your still wearing same. You will notice I’ve done a spot of patching I bet you laugh but it’s the best I could do, I just managed to get to the machine before it got dark after
[page break]
a very busy day – washing & cleaning again. I quite enjoyed reading all about your adventures & was most surprised to know that you enjoyed doing it – 10 miles under your own steam wants a bit of doing & being twelth [sic] back was jolly good. Reckon that was an opportunity of getting lost though, & without the aid of the compass find yourself in Tooting. Barbara is not home tonight as I took a 1030 till seven for today & tomorrow. She has had rather a nasty cold but was much better this morning. Think its my turn now as I’m not feeling too clever still it’ll soon pass. Regarding your suggestion of me coming up to see you dear that could only be arranged when we do what we call the week of nights when we finish at 8 [underlined] A.M. [/underlined] on
[page break]
a Friday until Monday morning. My turn doesn’t come again for another ten weeks & as most of the girls look forward to having the long weekend my chances of getting round anyone are very remote but I’ll see what I can wangle if its at all possible dear. I had a letter from Renna on Saturday she had received a telegram from Bill saying he was posted South she was anxiously awaiting a letter to hear just where that might be she will be home again Wednesday so I’ll get all the gen. By the way dear I had rather a lousy dream about you the other night I saw you with a girl sitting on your lap & both kissing like mad the snag was that you both looked so in love & I came into the room so unexpectedly which sort of
[page break]
upset the picture. “You’d better not roll those blue blue eyes at somebody else” You hadn’t whats [sic] more. Well dear its 10.30 P.M so I guess its time I made my cocoa shall take another couple of aspirins & then get some sleeping hours in, did intend doing out the bedroom before leaving at 9.45 A.M in the morning but if don’t feel any better I shall of course say Sod it! & turn over for another hour. If you receive this letter first look out for your parcel dear. Cheerio darling
All My Love
Yours Ever
Red xxxxxxx
(Fingers crossed dear)



K Hobbs, “Letter to Frank Hobbs from Mrs Hobbs,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed September 24, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/10038.

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