Aircrew photographs



Aircrew photographs
Strip of four slides


Two versions of the same strip (b/w and colour) with enlargements of all slides.
Slide 1 - captioned 'Re-visit Easton Lodge N Chaffey, Ben Crocker,Frank Pearman, Before Brian - '. Three men in civilian clothes in garden of a large house. Man on left wears blazer and is sitting on a stone table, the others are standing. There is no enlargement of this slide.
Slide 2 - captioned 'GR photo of rear gunners 620 Squadron, Ginger Weston in charge'. Twenty-four aircrew wearing battledress and side caps (apart form one man centre front row - peaked cap) sitting and standing in three rows in front of a four engine bomber.
Slide 3 - captioned 'GR photo taken Fairford of "A" and "B" Flights of 620 Squadron on wireless operator,. S/LDR Jones in charge'. Twenty-nine aircrew wearing battledress and side caps apart from one centre of middle row. Sitting and standing in three rows in front of a Stirling.
Slide 4 - captioned 'GR photo taken Fairford of "A" and "B" flight (pilots) c.o. (Nav) Bertie Wallace in charge'. Seventeen aircrew all earing battledress and side caps sitting and standing in two rows in front of a Stirling.

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Two strips of four slides and three b/w enlargements


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This Item dcterms:relation Item: 35mm slides by Noel Chaffey 620 Squadron of WW2 1943/6 and 1954 onward