Letter to Mrs Hobbs from G Letient



Letter to Mrs Hobbs from G Letient


Writes that he has personal papers, that he has hidden from the Germans, which belonged to 'english aviators' who were killed in a crash of a Lancaster ND 583 near his house on 15 March 1944. Some papers had addresses and he writes to enquire whether she is the wife of Sgt W Hobbs as he would like to return items which include wallet belonging to him. He mentions that he also has some items from other crew members and that he could offer more details of the incident.




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Monsieur Letient G.
Rue Bermond Patier
Blérancourt – Aisne
Blérancourt le 3 Janvier 1945
Dear Madam,
I happen to have in my possession certain personal papers which belonged to some infortunate [sic] English aviators who met their death close to my home on March 16th 1944 when their ship – a big Lancaster ND583 – fell down.
Some of them bear your address and I hope I make no mistake in supposing you are the wife of sgt W. Hobbs.
For some time while the Germans were still around I kept these hidden in the ground and now that letters to England are allowed I shall be glad to let the families of these gallant men have what little remains that may interest them.
I have wallet belonging to Sgt Hobbs and the papers of Sgt Hall. Wilkinson. Philipson and would be glad to know to whom I should apply to remit same.
My wish is that this letter makes your sorrow lighter if possible
I am entirely at your disposal to
[page break]
furnish all the details available about this tragedy
So do write and ask me what you would more like to know.
I am sincerely yours



G Letierit, “Letter to Mrs Hobbs from G Letient ,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed May 29, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/10040.

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