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Reports arrival of letters and notes that those via Cairo are so quick it would not be worth sending mail via London. Thanks for photographs of them. Writes of his ambitions to farm and asks for information. Catches up with family/friends news.

Writes that he is well and mentions activities and future ambition to farm and asks for her views.

Thanks him for his letter and says not to worry about him. Will write again but limited post and nothing happens there anyway. Looking forward to seeing them again sometime.

Thanks her for letters and says life there continues the same. Mentions friend in camp and his studies. Mentions that it was getting chilly and expects severe winter.

Writes he is keeping fit and not taking much exercise apart from walking round compound. Mentions book he is reading, that his hair was growing and comments on weather.

Wishes him happy birthday and best for 1943 and catches up with family news. Writes of farming.

Discusses what they can send him in parcels and mentions no mail since one dated beginning of October. Says his Egyptian parcels have stopped and only getting half a Red Cross parcel now. Discusses getting people in neutral countries to send food…

Thanks her for letters and looking forward to more photographs. Received parcel from Rhodesia House and list contents. Catches up with news of friend in camp. Discusses land schemes in Rhodesia. Wishes he could get Rhodesia circulars to keep up with…

Reports arrival of latest letters and catches up with news. Surprised to hear they were on holiday at the cape again and hoped they would enjoy themselves. Thinks of the future. Catches up with more gossip.

Reports arrival of letters and catches up with news. Mentions rumour that NCOs were moved to East Russia and he and others were being transferred to north compound. Hopes they will have a good tobacco crop that season. Says he still hopes to farming…

Reports arrival of latest letters and comments on contents. Says moral is high and hopes they will be home by end of year. Writes of old work acquaintance who had arrived at camp and asks her to write to his mother. Asks about land settlement in…

Writing from Stalag Luft 3 where he arrived previous day. Catches up with news of friends. Disappointed at being sent back but living conditions were more comfortable there. Reports arrival of letters that arrived while he was at XXIB. and comments…

Reports arrival of letter from Uncle Jack with photographs. Notes friend arrival and now sharing room with six others. Catches up with other news and comments that air mail does not seem to make any difference to length of time mail takes. Mentions…

Writes of lack of mail, but mentions his birthday. Writes of a South African who had just returned after a couple of months in hospital. Talks of pompous fellow English prisoner as well as catching up on other news and gossip. Mentions playing rugby…

Reports letters arrived and transit time. Agrees with suggestion it would be better to wait until the end of the war to make decisions on farming. Describes weather and local trees. Inside compound is like a desert after 700 of them have trampled it…

Writes about mail to relations and receiving book parcels. Asks them not to send any more money to person sending book as the ones she sends are rubbish. Writes about a play he saw and mentions sergeants' theatre. Mentions that there were some…

Writes about mail and catches up with family news. Mentions a photograph of all the South Africans of Schubin [sic] (XXIB) and plans to send it. Writes about friend in camp receiving letters and photographs as well as other gossip. Mentions planned…

Reports arrival of seven letters which took just over a month to arrive. Hopes she had recovered from illness. Commiserates over loss of friend and mentions how lucky he was. Mentions other Rhodesian arriving and that he had stopped playing rugby.…

Reports arrival of latest letters. Discusses post war prospects, says Kenya idea lapsed but glad he could work at father's farm. Was glad that an offer had been made which he accepted. Mentions arrival of clothing parcel and lists content. Mentions…

Lists letters he had received and catches up with family/friends news. Asks if any Rhodesians have been repatriated from Italy and discusses repatriation of wounded people. Writes that he was fit and of show he had seen previous night. Sorry that…

Writes of good war news and weather. Mentions athletics sports meeting and comments on national scores. Writes about play he had seen previous week and camp orchestra. Catches up with family news and says he would really like to go an work on the…

Mentions arrival of latest letter and complains about poor literature which a person sends. Writes about character of people in camp and why he liked to change camps. Does not think he would move again before the end of the war. Mentions getting…

Writes that he was keeping fit and had received letters. Comments spring was near and they had had good weather in contrast to winter. Longs to be free.

Writes to let him know that all was going well and thanks him for letter and offer to take him on at the farm. Catches up with family news.

Reports arrival of letters and hopes that she had had one from him as he knew that she would be worrying. Was keeping well in body if not in spirit. Played rugby for first time in a while and suffered slight injury. Was also doing P.T. Comments that…
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