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  • Collection: Dunn, Frederick Thomas

Gives account of author's operation and then watching the collision of two Halifax while preparing to land. Makes some comments on danger of operations. Gives details of both aircraft involved, one from Pocklington with relative of Rebecca on board…

Colour postcard with painting of front quarter view of airborne Halifax of 76 Squadron.

Two aircrew wearing tunics with half brevet and side caps leaning against a brick wall. On the reverse 'F Dunn, right'. Three versions of the same image. On the reverse of the third 'Another one of Fred, right hand side, with another of the crew'.


Half-length portrait of an airman wearing tunic with sergeant rank and bomb aimers brevet, and side cap seated.

Full length image of an airman wearing tunic with sergeant rank and bomb aimer brevet, and side cap, sitting on a stone wall holding a book.

Three-quarter length portrait of an airman wearing tunic and side cap seated on a bench.

An airman wearing a khaki bush jacket squatting down on sand with deck chairs in the background.

Seven airmen wearing tunics with brevet standing in line. Man in the centre has pilot's brevet, all the others half brevet and two have sergeant rank.

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Head and shoulders portrait of an airman. On the reverse 'Jack, 19 years, 1st navigator'.

View over lake with tree covered surrounding country. Roof of a car can be seen at the bottom with parts of road/track. On the reverse 'Hillside camp, May 1942, Matopos Dam'.

Two airmen wearing khaki uniform and side caps sitting on a bench with trees and a thatched hut in the background. On the reverse 'Johannesburg Zoo Gardens'.

Four airmen all wearing tunics with sergeant rank and brevet, and side caps. Two sitting on the ground, two squatting behind. Man at front left is a pilot, the others have half brevet. In the background a wall, a row of trees and statues.

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An airman wearing khaki uniform with corporal rank and side cap standing by a large pot. To the left squatting down a local man wearing white robes and cap.

A group of airmen wearing tunics and side caps standing in line with grounded rifles. Other figures in the background as well as a wall, trees and a building. On the reverse 'The bull-shit boys going on guard in the dusk. Jenkins is on the right'.

A car parked in front of a large single storey thatched building. Another car in the background left. In front a sign pointing right 'To the Hippo Pools'. On the reverse 'Stayed here one night. Hippo not far away but didn't see any as the weather…

Sleeping dog with an RAF side cap. On the reverse 'A dog taking advantage of the RAF "feather beds".


View through trees of a shrub covered hillside. On the reverse 'Rhodesia, the better part of the colony'.

Riverbank with shrubs on the right with figures in the background centre. River on left and fat bank beyond. On the reverse 'A river bank [sic] inhabited by hippopotamus but no hippo this time'.

In the foreground left a rocky riverbank. River running bottom right to middle left. Flat shrub covered land on far side. On the reverse 'A bit of the rock in Southern Rhodesia'.

Rocks surrounding a flat stone with metal plaque. On the reverse 'Have you seen this picture before "Rhodes Grave, Worlds View Matopos'" all solid rock too, taken by me'.

Group of children standing on a tree lined path. Another figure in the background on the left. Note on the reverse. '

A group of people standing at the side of a dirt road. One has a bicycle. Building on the left. Two other people standing on right and another two in the distance in field. On the reverse 'Some of the local N**s' at the station.

A grave with headstone and flowers in a cemetery. White cross with 'Pilot Officer W Hughes Royal Air Force (VR) 22.11.43'.

Full length image of a man wearing civilian suit and tie walking, with hand in pocket, in a street towards camera. Other figures in the background and buildings in the far distance.

An airman wearing tunic with sergeant rank and half brevet, and side cap walking along a promenade with a woman and his right. In the background, other people and deck chairs.


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