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  • Collection: Monks, Maurice Arnold

Top - view of falls in the middle distance. Titled 'Niagara'. Bottom - view of falls in the middle distance. Captioned 'Canadian Horse Shoe Falls'.

Left - looking down on rapids from cable car with cliffs on far side. Right looing down on rapids with cliffs on far side. Captioned 'Whirlpool Rapids from the Spanish Aero-Car'.

View across a road of waterfalls. Captioned 'American Falls Niagara'.

A woman wearing blouse and long skirt sitting with trees in the background. Captioned 'Estelle'.

View down a barrack room with rows of bunkbeds either side. Captioned 'Barracks at Paulson'.

Left - three airmen, two wearing battledress and one in shirtsleeves standing outside a hut. Right - view across open ground with water in front an trees in the distance. Captioned 'Sunset on the 500 yd range. Paulson'.

An airman, wearing battledress and side cap, seated firing a tripod mounted machine gun. Two other airman stand on the right looking on. In the background a building. Captioned 'on the 25 yd range'.

Front quarter view of Bolingbroke 9876 parked outside a building. Captioned 'Bolingbroke of Gunnery Flight'.

Top - view of distant line of two Lysander and a Bolingbroke parked on airfield. Bottom - view from the ground of a Bolingbroke flying left to right at low level across airfield. Captioned 'Bolingbrokes and Lysanders, 7 B&G School'.

Top - view from the air of concrete hardstanding and buildings on an airfield in the distance. Bottom - closer view showing triangular runways, hardstanding and buildings. Captioned '7 B & G Paulson'.

Top - view of shoreline with receded water. Captioned 'Dauphin Lake, when we arrived'.
Bottom - view of shoreline with water up to the edge of shore. Captioned 'When we left'.

Four men wearing civilian clothes sleeping in a huddle on rocks. Captioned 'A 48 on Dauphin Beach'.

Right - an airman wearing tunic and side cap standing on part of a wooden structure in a lake. Right - an airman in shirtsleeves and tie walking on remains of wooden structure in a lake.

Left - three men standing on a muddy track in line, the outer two have guns over their shoulders and the middle one holds up an object. Right - two men with rifles over their arms holding up two wild fowl while standing on a wooden platform at waters…

Left - two men with one digging in shallow water at lakes edge. The head of a dog visible on the right. Right - a man standing in shallow water at lake edge sticking a pole in the water.


Seven airmen sitting on ground with a hut and trees behind them and lake in the background. Captioned 'The boys at Dauphin Lake'.

View of a distant bridge across a river. Captioned 'Saskatoon'.

Two bison in an enclosure with a building middle background with trees behind. Captioned 'Bison at Vancouver'.


Left - view from a grass bank along a suspension bridge. Right - view of a suspension bridge going from left to right across a river. Captioned Lions Gate Bridge Vancouver'.

Top - view along a beach with buildings and trees in the distance.
Bottom - view along a beach with sea wall on the left with road and trees behind it. Captioned 'English Bay, Vancouver'.

A view across water of a ship with distant shoreline behind and mountains in the distance.

View across water of city skyline. Captioned 'Vancouver Skyline'.

View of a distant totem pole with cross arms top and with a smaller one in front in an enclosure with railings behind and trees to the right. Captioned 'Prospect Point, The Thunderbird Pole, commemorative of the meeting of the Squamish people with…

View of steel lattice bridge across river. Captioned 'Bridge at New Westminster'.

Left - the top of a totem pole with tree in the background. Right - two tall and two shorter totem poles in an enclosure with path leading up to it. Tree is the background. Captioned 'Totems at Vancouver'.

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