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Notes he has been readmitted hospital and awaits details. Will be glad if they can do something but hopes it will not interfere with Christmas plans. Believes demobilization might be postponed. Catches up with news of family/friends and mentions…

Reporting he had been re-admitted to hospital.

Top - newspaper cutting noting that Warrant Officer L P Jenkinson received DFM awarded to his brother Peter.
Middle - photograph with full length image of two men either side of two women. Man on the right is wearing uniform tunic with brevet and…

Personal details. Rank Flying Officer, 466 Squadron flying. List courses.

A warrant appointing Ernest as a Warrant Officer. It is captioned 'Received from RAF Records in October 1984, 39 years late'.

Flight from RAF Scampton to Naples carrying supplies.

Geoff did three Operation Dodge flights, two with No 103 Squadron and this one with 57 Squadron.
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